Shabby Chic Style Guide

The term Shabby Chic was first used in the 80’s in The World of Interiors Magazine, giving rise to the popularity of the movement. With its origins in England, the Shabby Chic style draws inspiration from English Country homes while also featuring elements of other styles, including: Vintage, Victorian and French Provincial. For more information, also have a read our previous post on Decorating your Home in the Shabby Chic Style!



  1. Colour schemes employed in creating a shabby chic style involve light, soft and pastel colours. Whites, Soft greys, Candy Pinks or Minty Greens all work well in achieving a Shabby Chic style in your home. Pair these colours with use of playful patterns to further enhance the look.
  2. Timber is a dominant feature of shabby chic styled spaces, whether it is in its natural state, white-washed, distressed or painted over. The following examples each present at least one example of timber being used in a Shabby Chic space in a different way.
  3. Use floral accents to create pattern and movement in the space. You could display a bouquet of fresh/faux flowers, use floral fabrics in your choices of soft furnishings, art work or even wallpaper!
  4. Shabby Chic interiors feature a unique combination of old and new; a sense of vintage charm is prevalent in this English style!
  5. Shabby Chic interiors do also often incorporate luxurious elements such as chandeliers, Victorian era furniture or fittings and glamorous accessories.
  6. Create a sense of “lived in” charm with rustic or distressed styled furniture and fabrics.
  7. Shabby Chic interiors are also heavily influenced by French Provincial styles; Shabby Chic simply takes a more casual approach to styling and combines more rustic vintage glamour into the scheme!
  8. DIY furniture is a must! Make sure to make a funky item to include in your new Shabby Chic style interior!
Image result for shabby chic bathroom
A spacious bathroom, this shabby chic inspired space makes use of several elements in the style to create a visually striking and soothing environment: light textured and coloured fabrics, white painted timber, elegant Victorian touches paired with rustic charm in the furniture and storage design. Image Source
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A romantic home office, this space is bright and luxurious. With soft touches in its colour scheme and choice of materials, the room exudes an elegant and sophisticated nature while still remaining casual and laid back: exactly what the shabby chic style is all about! The look is accented with florals placed around the room and vintage books decorating the open bookshelf. Image Source
Image result for shabby chic home
Proving that a Shabby Chic styled home does not have to be too over the top is this elegant and rustic home office. While using elements of the shabby chic style but keeping the space airy, bright and minimal, this space creates an uncluttered and beautiful working environment that is both tranquil and inspiring. Image Source


Image result for shabby chic kitchen
Although this kitchen may seem a little over the top to some tastes, this bright space showcases several key elements in achieving the shabby chic charm in your home: combinations of pastel colours, elegant luxe touches such as the chandelier and the detailed kitchen cabinetry, florals and even vintage accessories all combine to create this Shabby Chic styled interior.  Image Source
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Quirky and vintage: two key elements in the shabby chic style are beautifully demonstrated in this adorable shabby chic kitchen. Vintage kitchen storage accessories, appliances and decor (Cheery sign, baskets, timber photo frames) all work together to create a stylish and nostalgic space. The touches of red around the space create a sense of visual interest in an otherwise all white room. Image Source

Do you have any of your own Shabby Chic styling tips to share? Tell us in the comments below!