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5 Ways to Get your home Spring Ready!

Now that Spring is here, it's time to get your home organised! We share our 5 Top Tips on Spring Cleaning!

We recently compiled a list of our Top 13 Picks in Spring Home Decor for under $50 and have decided to carry on the Springtime theme today! Spring is a great time to clear away the dreariness of Winter and create a bright, clean and well organised home. Read on for our best tips in getting your home Spring ready:


1. Spring Cleaning

An obvious starting point but a good one! Ideally, we would all be completing cleaning tasks daily in order to avoid the massive ‘binge clean’ that comes along with Springtime. However, if we’re truly honest with ourselves, we could all use a bit of a Spring binge clean to get our homes to exactly where we want them to be!

Start with any seen areas of the home: open shelves, flat surfaces (countertops, tables, bookshelves, etc) and work your way to the unseen areas: the mess that is just barely being contained in our wardrobes and closets, drawers, garages, etc. Be brutal: if it has not been used or worn over the last 12 months, give it the boot! Set up 3 boxes: Keep, Donate, Dispose and make some tough decisions.

We recently discussed our best techniques in De-Cluttering the mess in our Kitchen – click here to have a read!

Tackle areas of the house you’ve been putting off for ages: the garage, that weird spare room, the closet no one opens but you know is just full of garbage, all of it! You will feel much better once the job is done and your home is sparkling clean without secret hidden clutter.

2. Eliminate Winter!

Bulky rugs and throws should now be stored away after Winter, allowing you a blank canvas to redecorate your home for Spring. This also goes for Winter bedding: remove bulky blankets and replace with lighter blankets. Of course, being in Melbourne means we do have to keep at least one super warm blanket handy for those weird freezing Spring nights that come about! Replace your soft furnishings and bedding with lighter coloured and textured fabrics that are not as ‘cozy’ as your Winter themed decor.

This cheerful rug is perfect for Spring with a floral pattern and bright shades of pink used to add a splash of colour! Image Source

While you’re changing the bedding, do also make sure to flip your mattress and give it a quick vacuum to help spruce it up a little.

3. Spring Decor

Brighten up your home with Spring themed decor: What does Spring mean to you? Bright colours, airy, breezy rooms, light fabrics, florals, etc. These are all elements to include in your new Spring decor scheme.

Decorate your home with floral patterns and bright colours. Image Source


Incorporate some greenery in your home by scattering low maintenance pot plants (or faux plants if your anything like me and not much of a ‘green thumb!’). These will not only add a further touch of Spring time cheer to your home but also promote a stress-free and soothing environment.

4. General Home Maintenance

Other weekend projects for Spring can include repairing any items that need attention around the home. Spring is the time to get out the old lawnmower, get handy in the garden, paint the fence, fix that uneven walkway, clean the gutters, whatever needs doing to ensure a pleasant and safe home.

5. Decorate your Outdoor Space

Create an outdoor oasis: invest in quality outdoor furniture that is not only stylish but will also be easy to keep clean. Given the popularity of outdoor living, there has been a huge rise in the exciting decorative items now available for your outdoor area: from complete outdoor lounges and dining areas to outdoor rugs and cushions, all of these goodies are easy to clean and hard wearing enough to be outdoors.

Checkout the huge range of outdoor goodies at Zanue! Click here to visit their site!

Share your best Spring Cleaning tips in the comments below!

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