8 Ways to Create the Ultimate Spa Inspired Bathroom!

Following up from our recent article discussing Bathroom Design Trends, we thought we’d delve a little deeper into one huge trend in bathroom design that is set to take over: the spa inspired bathroom!


Achieving a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom is quite simple and will help make your bathroom a more stylish and most importantly, a more relaxing space that is perfect for winding down after a long, hard day.

1. Timber

Image result for recycled timber bathroom
As featured on The Block 2016: Will & Karlie’s Ensuite design makes use of a stunning recycled timber, paired with pure white bathroom fittings and cabinetry and a soft grey concrete look tile. Image Source

Nothing beats the natural colour and texture of timber. If you are in the process of building a new bathroom, add a touch of natural elegance to your design by incorporating timber features such as a timber vanity unit, timber wall or ceiling panels or even timber-look porcelain tiles.

Pillow Talk’s Woodland Collection of bathroom accessories is the perfect addition to a spa inspired bathroom. Image Source

For decorating an existing bathroom, select a few timber accessories to scatter around the room: Timber storage boxes, trays and canisters, a timber bathroom stool, timber picture frames, timber toilet products, etc.

2. Neutral Colour Tones

Keep the colour scheme in your Bathroom neutral: think whites, beige, soft greys, and charcoals. These colours are all soothing and peaceful, without being too harsh on the eye. Each of these colours work extremely well together without any competing for attention but rather forming a unified and harmonious palette. Carry this scheme into your accessories selection with matching towels, bath mats and tumblers/soap dishes, etc.

Home Republic’s Flinders Egyptian Marle range of towels are a luxuriously soft and stylish addition to your spa – inspired bathroom. Click here to view the collection

3. Adding Greenery

Include a touch of greenery in the space to further enhance the feeling of tranquility and zen in your bathroom. Use plants that do well in darker, steamy indoor environments and are low maintenance. Succulents are usually best indoors as they provide a low maintenance solution. Faux flowers and plants are always good too!

Image result for bathroom with plants
Image source

4. Natural & Artificial Light

If you’re in the design stage of your renovation, do consider the amount of natural light in the space. Consider the room’s orientation and plan any new windows or skylights accordingly, ensuring you have adequate lighting and ventilation in the space. Consider the type of glass or glass treatments you will be using on your windows: frosted glass can provide a more diffused light in the space, making it ideal for a spa inspired bathroom.

Image result for frosted glass bathroom window
A minimal spa inspired bathroom design that makes nature the focal point and features a floor to ceiling window with both clear and opaque glass. Image Source

For sprucing up an existing bathroom, your local hardware store usually sells frosted glass laminate or sprays that can easily convert a clear glass window to a frosted one.

Artificial lighting in a bathroom is also a necessity. Use a light that can be dimmed, allowing you to easily set the mood for relaxation in your bathroom.

5. Comfort

What do all spas have in common? They all focus on their client’s comfort, so why should your own bathroom be any different? Introduce items that are designed to promote comfort in the bathroom – these can range from bath pillows (like this amazing bath pillow that includes suction cups!) and bath trays designed to make bath time more pleasant, or even a set of plush towels, bath mats and robes to give you the full spa experience! Our friends at Marks & Spencer deliver a huge range of luxurious bathroom accessories that will suit an elegant, spa-like bathroom scheme. Click here to visit their website.

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Bathtub Caddy, Bamboo Shower Bath Tub Tray Organizer, Romantic Wedding Gift, Present
Enjoy a movie on Netflix with a glass of bubbly in the tub! Extendable Bamboo Bath Caddy, available from Etsy.

6. Focus on the Senses

Create a sensory experience in your bathroom that will truly relax you. An Aromatherapy Diffuser is perfect in a bathroom and will truly awaken the senses while you lay back and relax. Use scented candles and quality bath crystals, salts and creams for the complete spa treatment! Add some of your favourite music and you’re all set!

An ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser is the perfect fit for a relaxing spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. Image Source

7. A Freestanding Bathtub

If you have the option, do consider including a freestanding bathtub in your bathroom. A relaxing bath is not only great for reducing stress levels but also assists in muscle relaxation. Including a bathtub in your bathroom will also assist with re-sale appeal should you wish to sell your home in the future.

Image result for freestanding bathtub day spa
A freestanding tub adds a luxurious vibe to a bathroom. This example also makes use of timber, candles, colours and plants to create a perfectly spa-like experience. Image Source

8. Keep your Bathroom Minimal in Style

Avoid cluttering up your bathroom with bottles and accessories: decorate the space in a minimal style and focus on hidden storage. Ensure your bathroom allows for plenty of storage during the planning stage: include a spacious vanity unit with drawers, wall/medicine cabinets, taller standalone cabinetry, shelving, etc.

Image result for minimalist japanese style bathroom
Image Source



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