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Marble Inspired Surfaces for Your Home

Ideas on how to achieve the marble look in your home without the added cost or maintenance.

Although a beautiful and luxurious material, marble is well known for its sensitivity. The surface is highly prone to scratches, stains and cracks while also requiring ongoing maintenance and sealing to ensure its longevity.


Being a highly porous stone, marble can be stained from liquids and acids which can in time dull the surface. With careful use and regular maintenance however, you are able to keep your marble tops looking as new!

Of course, nothing beats the beauty of a natural stone however, if you are looking for more cost effective and low maintenance options you can consider ‘look-alike’ products such as porcelain tiles and engineered stones designed to offer the look and feel of marble.

Marble Inspired Benchtops

Stone manufacturers such as Caesarstone offer exquisite replicas of marble that can be used around the home for kitchen benchtops and bathroom vanity tops.

For more information on Caesarstone’s quality surfaces, read our reviews of Caesarstone’s Calacatta Nuvo and the new addition to their collection, Noble Grey where we also compare the pros and cons of Caesarstone vs. Marble.

Caesarstone is an engineered (also known as a composite) stone, created using natural quartz stone as well as pigments and resins. You can learn more about engineered stones in our previous post – click here!

Caesarstone’s Noble Grey is an excellent representation of marble and is suitable for use in both your kitchen and bathroom. Click here to find out more.

With a huge variety of stones to choose from, there is something to suit all styles and homes. Caesarstone surfaces can not only be used as a benchtop solution but also as a splashback and interior wall cladding. Find out more – click here to visit Caesarstone’s website.

Marble Inspired Tiles

Tile manufacturing has also come a long way – with new technology now available, manufacturers can photograph high quality images of marble and print them directly onto the porcelain surface. Adding texture and varying sheen levels during the manufacturing process, we now have access to superb porcelain replica marble tiles, once again allowing us the look of a natural stone without the added cost or maintenance.

This Toorak Bathroom renovation by Perini Kitchens & Bathrooms uses a porcelain tile to replicate the effect of a natural marble. Click here to find out more about this renovation.

Marble-look porcelain tiles are available in different finishes, allowing them to be used both in and out of the home. To further accentuate the appearance of a natural stone, replica tiles are made with varying patterns and sold in box lots; each box will contain several different variations of the marble veins, creating a more realistic finish.

Marble Inspired Laminates

Laminate manufacturers such as Laminex and Polytec have also developed techniques to re-create the look and lustre of a natural marble surface. Laminate benchtops are made of sheets of plasticised paper applied over thick slabs of water resistant MDF. Because of the product’s structure, you will not have the same texture and coolness of a natural stone. Laminate products are the most cost effective option but are much more obvious when it comes to replicating natural stones.

Laminex’s Carrera Marble – Click here to find out more about Laminex in our recent blog post.

Marble Inspired Home Decor

Marble has made quite a splash in the world of home decor this year! It is a classic and timeless finish that lends itself extremely well to many different styles of home decorating, while also offering the beauty and warmth of a natural stone.

Marble and Timber Tray
A marble-look tray featuring timber walls and handles – the perfect accessory for your home! Click here to view more of our top picks in Marble inspired home decor!

There are many different options in marble inspired home decor, from bathroom accessories, kitchen decor and even soft furnishings such as cushions and blankets embellished with a marble pattern! This may be a trend however, involving some marble inspired pieces in your home decor scheme such as trays and vases offer a timeless and elegant touch that never goes out of style!


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