A Sneak Peak at Essastone’s New Collection!

Essastone has released an entirely new collection of colours and we were lucky enough to get a sneak peak! Checkout the new collection which now includes sensational marble and concrete inspired surfaces for your home in varying textures to suit every taste and style!

Essastone has been used in this stunning all white kitchen. Click to view more images from Essastone’s Inspirations Gallery.

Essastone is an engineered or composite stone created using approximately 95% natural quartz based aggregates and 5% high quality resins and pigments. Click here to learn more about quartz based engineered stones in our blog post Finishes & Materials: Engineered Stone.

Essastone’s Fino Venato is a stunning marble inspired surface that suits just about any style of home, from classic to contemporary. The Fino Venato is available in a sleek gloss finish.

Being sourced from Europe (including manufacturers in both Germany and Italy) our clients are confident in the product’s durability, strength and longevity.

Essastone offers a virtually non-porous surface that is easy to maintain: we recommend a simple wipe down with a soft cloth (I use microfibre cloths to buff the surface) and warm soapy water for any sort of engineered stone. For more stubborn marks, your local hardware store should stock cleaners appropriate for stone surfaces that do not contain harsh chemicals.

Selected Essastone colours will be available in several different finishes such as matte, gloss, igneous and weathered; although some brands of engineered stone have included different finishes in their collections before, none have offered such a wide and diverse variety as Essastone have, making this collection one to look out for in the next few months!

We’ve always received excellent feedback from clients who have installed Essastone in their home, whether it’s been in the kitchen or bathroom. With normal use, the surface is virtually stain, crack and chip resistant making it ideal for busy homes!

One of our many favourites in the new collection, Essastone’s Concrete Pezzato is available in the highly tactile Weathered finish, offering a realistic representation of a concrete benchtop without the added cost and maintenance!

Essastone can be used in a variety of applications, both in a residential and a commercial environment. From kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities and even splashbacks and internal wall cladding, Essastone is a highly versatile product. Click here to download Essastone’s Design Guide for more detailed information of the stone’s application, recommended edge profiles and design requirements.

With 28 exciting different colours to choose from there is certainly something to suit everyone in the new collection!

Click here to download the latest Essastone Brochure to view the entire collection.

For more information, Click here to visit Essastone’s Website.

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