Product Review: Smeg 50’s Style 2 Slice Toaster

We bought ourselves a Smeg 50’s Style Toaster & we LOVE it!


The latest addition to our kitchen is one we’re very proud of: our 50’s style Smeg toaster (we also bought the matching kettle!). After having dreamed about this toaster for the longest time, we finally splurged on it and we couldn’t be happier.

Aesthetically, it is beautiful! We selected the black and chrome model which ties in beautifully with the industrial style of our kitchen. We wanted something stylish and of higher quality as a toaster and kettle are both items that sit out on our benchtop all the time and are in constant use (we do love our toast and coffee!)

The toaster controls are simple and straight forward, just like a toaster should be. Nothing fancy or complicated, just what you want.


The only, and I mean the ONLY comment I was going to  make was: Why do toasters have such damn high number settings?!

The 1 and 1.5 settings on the Smeg Toaster give you perfect toast; the second setting and beyond burns it to a crisp so I wasn’t sure what I’d be using any setting above number 2 for… However, Google has come to my rescue! I Googled, ‘Why do toasters have such high settings?’ and it seems there is a whole world of toasting waiting to be discovered!

From heating up frozen hash browns to making grilled cheese sandwiches, there are so many possibilities out there that I regret not having Googled TOASTERS much earlier on in life. The only thing to be aware of during my toasting quest is to make sure to be safe with what I put into my toaster, meaning no drippy-fatty-timey-wimey stuff (oh so subtle Doctor Who reference).

Click here to visit Reddit, where users have discussed just what they do with their volcanic strength toaster settings. 

After all that, I would like to close by saying that we could not be happier with this toaster – the quality of the product and of the toast it produces, the style and overall look of it, are all amazing. It was well worth the extra bit spent on the purchase as it is a stylish piece that will always sit on our countertop and attract compliments from our nosey and awkward dinner guests that enjoy snooping around my kitchen.

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