10 More Interior Decorating Mistakes & Solutions

We recently discussed The Top 6 Decorating Mistakes and the best solutions to overcoming them – after the interest we received, we thought it only fitting to prepare a follow up article with 10 MORE decorating and design blunders to avoid!


  1. Generic Art

    It may be tempting to fill up those blank walls with any old print or frame but try to avoid using “those ones” that you just find everywhere! Wait a while – do some research and find something that’s a little more personal, something that will truly reflect YOU not a stock standard print that everyone has hanging on their wall in an effort to prove that they are worldly and poetic in some way… Always be you; you are a unique person with a unique style – let your personality shine throughout your home! 

    Avalon Wallpaper Mural
    With literally 1,000,000 items to choose from, AllPosters is sure to have a unique piece of artwork for your home – we love the Avalon Wall Mural pictured in this example!
  2. White Upholstered Furniture

    Let me be the first to say I absolutely love pure white furniture. If things like cleaning didn’t exist, I would love nothing more than to have every piece of furniture in my home be all white so I could feel as if I was in heaven! Unfortunately, cleaning does exist so we need to find little loopholes: instead of going for white FABRICS, select other white finishes such as whitewashed or painted timbers. These surfaces are much easier to quickly wipe clean yourself rather than needing to be professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

    A white painted MDF table top is easy to keep clean – a simple wipe down is all you need! Home Republic Dane White Side Tables available from Adairs online – click here for more information.
  3. Toilet Rugs

    There is nothing that we hate more than seeing a rug hugging a toilet! These rugs are nothing but a sponge for all the mess that sometimes just doesn’t make it into the bowl, making it not only an aesthetically unappealing choice but also a hygiene and cleaning concern. It is much easier to clean up a smooth tiled surface than a rug so keep the floor around your toilet free of any fabrics.

  4. Focusing on outdated negative reviews

    Many finishes in the design world have developed and changed thanks to modern research and technology. Laminates for example are for more advanced than their predecessors – the older laminates were famous for peeling, scratching and even for being easily damaged by water making them susceptible to mould. However, this is not the case with newer laminates which are highly impact resistant, durable and even made using water resistant board. Checkout our post on 7 Reasons Why We Love Laminex for a more in depth discussion about the benefits of laminated surfaces.

  5. Mismatched Grout Colour

    If you have selected new tiles for your home, do invest some time in considering a suitable grout colour that will achieve the look you are after. For example, lantern shaped tiles have an appealing shape that you would usually want to accentuate. Choosing a grout colour that is the exact hue of the tile itself would only make the tile’s stunning shape fade into a blur whereas a slightly darker coloured grout would throw the tile’s shape  onto centre stage! Take note of the colour used in the sample display in the showroom – they have used it for a reason!

    Image result for lantern tiles
    White grout has been used in this display to make the white tiles fade into the background while accentuating the black tiles – depending on the look you are after, select your grout colour accordingly. Image Source
  6. Following Trends

    Although we do love to look at what’s in, what’s out and what’s hot right now, it is important to take a realistic look at these trends and question, where will this look be in a few years from now? That fluro orange armchair just may not look all that great! Instead, opt to incorporate trends in your decor rather than in fixed and costly items: it is much easier to change over some cushion covers than it is to change over an entire kitchen!

  7. Too many Colours or Patterns

    Involving colour is not a bad thing; in fact, it is encouraged and is excellent for your happiness level! However, going overboard with colour and pattern can make a space feel overbearing, cluttered and just headache inducing, really! Instead, select one or a few accent colours and work around that. A nuetral main colour pallette is easily changed up with a a new accent colour whenever you feel like something different. For example, rather than purchasing a set of bright pink couches and armchairs, select a grey or charcoal sofa and pair it with a pink occasional chair and pink cushions.

    Image result for over decorated room
    There are far too many colours and patterns in this decorating scheme, each competing for attention. Spaces like these do not encourage relaxation but are rather much more playful and energetic: more suitable to a children’s play centre than a home! Image Source
  8. Pets or Children in the house? Avoid carpeting!

    Carpets are definitely up there on my own personal list of no-nos… Although I love the look and texture of a lovely carpet, I do suffer from allergies so it is more of a personal preference to not include carpeting in my own home. However, carpeting is in general quite a nuisance if you have young children or pets as it will constantly require attention, not to mention a good professional clean after “accidents” happen! Unless your carpet has an impenetrable vinyl backing (which most residential carpets do not – this is something that is usually only a requirement of commercial grade carpeting) any liquid spills will absorb to the very bottom layer and soak the flooring underneath. And yes, it will stay there – sometimes along with the smell! Instead, opt for smooth and easy to clean surfaces in the home – if you would like to add a bit of warmth, include area rugs in key areas that can be easily changed up when needed.

    Image result for dog peeing on carpet
    Pets and carpet do not mix! Image Source
  9. Measure EVERYTHING!

    So you’ve selected the furniture of your dreams – great! It’s being delivered to your home when suddenly… that freestanding tub doesn’t fit through the doorway! Make sure that you measure all doorways, sharp corners around stairs and through corridors to ensure the furniture you’ve selected will actually be able to make it into the home.

    Image result
    All this just to get a couch upstairs! Image Source
  10. Too Many Photos

    Although we all love displaying photos of magical moments and loved ones, remember to keep your display both tasteful and stylish. Select photo frames that have a similar style and theme to keep the look uniform (or mix and match depending on your selected style of home decor!) but keep it minimal.

    Image result for photo frame display
    Although the frames and colours used here are all in a similar style, the smaller frames could be removed making the display less cluttered. Image Source


What interior decorating mistakes have you seen? Share your stories in the comments below!


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