10 Coastal Themed Accessories for your Living Room from PillowTalk!

In preparation for the warmer months ahead, what better way to ready your home than with an exciting new Coastal look!

A Coastal themed interior need not include a huge amount of sea shells and fish themed decor to drill in the Beachy theme – instead opt for light, textured and neutral toned accessories that focus on enhancing comfort in the home. Read on for more tips to achieving a Coastel themed Living area along with our Top 10 Picks in Coastal Themed Accessories available now from PillowTalk!


1. Set the Groundwork – Flooring & Walls

Whitewashed floors and walls are an ideal solution for a Coastal themed Living Room, enabling you to brighten the space up with use of textured and coloured decor. The example below features white painted timber walls together with a whitewashed floor – the perfect backdrop for a Coastal inspired home!

Wayfarer Pouf
Introduce colour, texture and warmth in your decor scheme: The Wayfarer Poufs pictured above are available in three different colours: Grey, Navy & White and is just $149.00. Click here for more information.

2. Natural Textures and Neutral Tones

Distressed timber pieces together with soft, neutral toned soft furnishings (such as area rugs or runners) are another great way to introduce both warmth and texture to your Coastal Themed Living area. Keep your colour scheme light and airy with neutral tones and pastels, setting the groundwork for introducing bright pops of colour around the room.

The striped, textured details of the Horizon Floor Runners pictured here in Gray Stripe and Natural Stripe, add a touch of warmth and soft colour to a Coastal Themed space. Available online at the bargain price of just $39.00!

3. Keep Curtains Light & Minimal

Avoid using heavy or bulky fabrics for your curtains; instead opt for light and airy curtains that will provide a soft backdrop to your decor scheme without overcrowding the room.

Linen Curtain
These ready to hang curtains are available in both white and linen and provide a soothing textural element to your Living space. Click here for more information.

4. Include Throw Blankets or Rugs

Throw blankets or rugs are not just a Winter accessory! Do invest in a thinner throw that can be draped across your couch, ready for those relaxing nights in where it can sometimes get a little breezy in Melbourne! Throws are also great for use as picnic rugs or even area rugs around the home, provided a non-slip mat is used underneath. Soft furnishings such as throws will also assist in adding a further textural layer and colour in the space.

Presenting a unique weave, the Steinbeck Throw is available in two different colours: White and Blue (as pictured above). On sale now for just $59.95!

5. Bring The Outdoors In!

Coastal design is all about enhancing the relationship between outdoor and indoor living so do keep an eye out for decor and accessories that can easily be transferred to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Lanterns are an excellent example: create a candle-lit soothing atmosphere in both your indoor and outdoor living areas!

Lighthouse Lanterns – These exquisite stainless steel and glass lanterns are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor living. Available in three different sizes, these lamps are only available in-store (click here to find your nearest PillowTalk Store)

6. Include Stylish Storage Solutions

Storage is a must in any decor scheme – include feature storage in your newly decorated space that will not only keep the clutter at bay but also provide a further decorative element to your scheme. Lidded storage is an excellent way of hiding clutter and keeping the space looking in top shape!

The Mali basketware collection introduces natural texture into your Living space and features a soft, tribal pattern. The range includes: a Lidded Hamper, Decorative Bowl and Lidded Basket.

7. More Soft Furnishings!

New cushion covers are an affordable and easy way to spruce up any room’s decor scheme. Use decorative cushion covers to help tie in other elements of the room into your overall decor scheme; for example, in this instance we’ve opted for a cushion that features a gold piping around the edges which will help tie in our bright coloured and metallic vase (next item on this list!)

Altan Cushion
Available with Gold & Rose Gold metallic trims, the Altan Cushion covers feature soft neutral toned patterning, making them an excellent accompaniment to a Coastal Themed space – the gold trims add a touch of luxury and enable you to incorporate other metallic elements in the space without overcrowding. Available for $44.95 each.

8. Add Pops of Colour & Luxury

Include vivid pops of colour around the room to avoid the decor scheme feeling too washed out and grey. This will create a visually stimulating space that is still tranquil and soothing, a perfect fit for any Coastal themed Living space!

Fusion Vase
These showstopping Fusion Vases feature Gold, Mediterranean Blue and Soft White stripes, creating an opulent and sophisticated vibe in your decor scheme. Available in two sizes, starting from just $59.95.

9. Introduce Greenery

Further strengthening the bond between your outdoor and indoor areas, include a touch of greenery in your Living space. Ideally, natural plants that are appropriate for indoor spaces would work best however, for those who don’t enjoy gardening much (guilty!), enjoy an artificial touch of luscious greenery with zero maintenance!

These artificial succulents come with smooth textured concrete pots that tie in well with a Coastal theme. Select from three styles: Bromeliad, Grass and Yucca.

10. Personal Touches

As with all decorating schemes, always include personal elements such as treasured trinkets, loving photographs and your favourite artwork – Scatter your treasured items about the space to create an atmosphere that reflects your life and interests.

Asha Photo Frame
Discreet patterns and neutral tones are the perfect fit for a Coastal Themed Living room.  – the soft design of these frames creates a great compliment to your images without overpowering the art or photography on display. The stunning whitewashed timber Asha Photo Frame is available in two different sizes, starting from just $12.95!

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