Tiling Ideas for an Art Deco Bathroom

The Art Deco style has, and always will be a timeless look – learn more about the Art Deco movement in our Art Deco Style Guide. A luxe combination of metallic surfaces, structured geometric lines and high gloss finishes, the style represents a glamorous, high end lifestyle that introduces a sophisticated elegance to any space. Styling an Art Deco Bathroom will include a range of exciting elements from dusty, deep colours, luxurious metallic finishes and detailed patterns for a stylish look.

Art Deco Bathroom Colour Schemes

Art Deco inspired spaces are minimal, timeless and elegant with a luxurious and rich vibe. Set the groundwork for your new bathroom by starting off with a simple black and white space: you can either proceed with this classic look or develop it further by including colours and hues traditionally used in Art Deco homes such as deep navy blues, powder blues, emerald greens, deep reds and minty greens.

Set off your base colour scheme by using different materials from the Art Deco era, such as marble surfaces and metallic finishes. You can either opt to include different finishes and textures by use of your bathroom accessories (tumblers, trays, mirrors, etc) or you can create a more permanent feature in the space by using decorative tiles.

Decorative tiles work best as a feature so be strategic with their use! Metallic mosaic tiles for example, are a great way of adding glamorous patterns in your new bathroom.

Tile Styles & Shapes

Art Deco inspired bathroom designs will traditionally include square and rectangular forms in keeping with the theme of structured lines that define the Art Deco design style. Narrow down your tile search by sticking to traditional Art Deco colour schemes and styles that will set the groundwork for your new bathroom.

There are many different styles and tile schemes to consider in achieving an Art Deco bathroom design:

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