Top Floral Accessories for the Home

Floral patterns have long been a part of the design world. Whether florals are used in fashion design or home decorating, they’ve certainly always been a feature, adding a soft, colourful touch to any design.

Today we look at our some of our favourite floral themed accessories for the home:

Midnight Butterfly Print Cushion, available online from Marks & Spencer.

We are love, love, LOVING this gorgeous cushion! A dark, dramatic pattern makes this cushion the perfect addition to a glamorous floral themed space. The striking colours of the butterflies and flowers create a fabulous contrasting effect with the sapphire blue backdrop.

Soren ivy 250tc quilt cover set kb
Soren Ivy Quilt Cover set, available in King, Queen & Double sizes online from Harris Scarfe.

Perfect for Spring and Summer, a floral printed quilt cover will add colour and character to your bedroom. The Soren Ivy set uses pastel green and yellow along with grey, black and white for a stylish and elegant look. Pair with grey, black or classic white bedsheets and solid coloured cushions for the perfect on trend look!

Loft Floral Laundry Bag available online from Marks & Spencer.

Make laundry FUN (or we can try to, at least!) with a funky laundry bag like the Loft Floral Laundry Bag which features soft floral patterns atop a navy blue backdrop. Keep your messy clothes neatly concealed while also adding a colourful feature in your home.

Aloha Wall Art Range
Aloha Wall Art Range available online from Pillow Talk.

Add a tropical Hawaiian touch to your home with this fabulous range of art. Create a colourful and exotic escape, right in your living room!

Floral Designer Rug available online from Zanui.

A bold, colourful and stylish rug that is the perfect way to include florals in your newly decorated space. Featuring fluid lines and blocked colours, the rug creates a stunning visual effect.

The Amelia Table Linen Range available online from Pillow Talk.

I remember my mum having a set a just like these! Fusing old world charm with modern day style, this set of  vintage styled table linens is the perfect accompaniment to your next Spring dinner party!

William Kilburn Floral Muse 5-Piece Tea Set for Two available online from Zanui.

And what vintage dinner party would be complete without a tea set? Nab your stunning floral tea set for two online from Zanui!



2 thoughts on “Top Floral Accessories for the Home

  1. I didn’t know that Hawaiian art could really make a home pop. I’d be interested in learning to see if there was Hawaiian fabric available, and what it could be used for. I imagine having some kind of Hawaiian quilt in your living room could really make it lively.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Check out your local fabric stores, they would definitely have something bright and colorful! You could make cushion covers, table runners or even floral throws for your living room! Hawaiian prints are a great way of introducing colour, pattern and energy in any space!


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