Interior Design Myth: Solid Surface Benchtops are Seamless

When designing a kitchen that will include a benchtop over 3000mm in length, Corian or other solid surface products (such as Staron) are the go to option; the reason for this is that solid surface benchtops can be seamlessly bonded together thus ensuring no visible joins across the length of your new benchtop.

But, is this always the case?


Other popular benchtop options such as Caesarstone and Dekton come in standard lengths (usually just over 3000mm) meaning that should your new benchtop be longer than the standard length of these slabs, two pieces must be bonded together, leaving a visible join in the surface. Now, joins aren’t the most off-putting things in the world to look at but they can detract from the design of the kitchen as well as attract dirt and grime, hence why solid surface benchtops are an ideal solution in avoiding these joins.

Yes, solid surface products such as Corian and Staron can be bonded together to allow a seamless look however, this is only possible with selected colours in their range. Most of their solid colour, translucent and “speckled” patterned colours can be bonded just fine without any visible joins.

Image result for corian witch hazel
Corian’s ‘Witch Hazel’ has been used on this bathroom vanity to form a small upstand and integrated basin. Image Source

However, should you prefer something with more pattern and veining through it (such as Corian’s ‘Witch Hazel’ for example) do ask your fabricator’s advice on how this will look when two pieces are joined together as the patterns will vary between sheets meaning you will not have a perfect match at the joins. So although the join itself is near seamless, the pattern and veining on the product itself is noticeably different between the two slabs making for a rather ridiculous looking benchtop choice! These veined options are best used on smaller lengths of benchtops or for smaller bathroom vanities where one piece of solid surface is all you need to complete the design.