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On Trend: Tribal Patterns!

This year is all about Tribal themed interiors; but what is driving this adventurous style?

2017 sees the introduction of tribal influenced designs and patterns in interior decorating and design. This year, we will be seeing more and more of this style being used in decorative home features such as soft furnishings, tiles and art. But what is driving this bold and adventurous trend?

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Tribal patterns represent bold, energetic movements, colourful patterns and a sense of wild creativity, injecting your home with life and adventure. Think bold, graphic blacks, whites and greys with bursts of bright, vibrant colours scattered throughout the space: electric blues, deep reds, emerald greens and even bright pinks are all making a statement in the world of design in 2017.

Layer pattern, colour and texture in your home for a cozy vibe. Baskets are an easy way to minimise clutter around the house while also providing a stylish storage solution. Pictured: Nairobi Basket Collection.

Of course, this exciting new trend is not limited to this colour palette. Freedom in expression of style and your own unique taste are the keys to nailing this look: to put it simply, there are no rules so go wild! Combine a bright, high energy colour palette with structured patterns, designs and even animal prints to achieve a sophisticated tribal interior decorating scheme. Draw inspiration from Aztec and Moroccan themes to create your own unique style.

A bold, eclectic and more casual style allows you to express your own unique design flair through colour, texture and pattern. Pictured: Home Republic Tribal Quilt Cover.

This shift to a more free and liberating way of home styling not only has obvious historical and cultural influences, but is also driven by the empowerment of women in today’s society. Women are achieving more and more all around the world: more women than ever before are now highly educated and in positions of power. Women are turning away from the Photoshop perfect image of what a woman should be and are instead embracing their own beauty, their rights of freedom of expression, of love, of power and of course, of strength!

A stunning textured sapphire wall creates the perfect backdrop for this resort themed bedroom. Pictured: Zambia round cushion & matching pouf.

This liberation has driven the interior decorating and design industry to a more casual yet dynamic style, with the key being freedom of expression in creating a unique and stylish home. So get in touch with your wild side and create a fun, colourful home!



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