A Review of Caesarstone’s White Attica

Caesarstone’s most recent additions to their already extensive catalogue of benchtop finishes have caused quite a stir in the world of kitchen design in Melbourne. Click here to view all their new colours, including the spectacular Statuario Maximus and Calacatta Nuvo. One of my personal favourites is White Attica: a stunning marble-look engineered stone that provides an amazing substitute to the real thing! Today we’ll be taking a better look at the pros and cons of this particular surface. We’d love to hear what you think!

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Caesarstone is renowned for their exquisite composite stone surfaces which are suitable for use in just about every internal application of the home. The highly stain resistant and virtually non porous surface provides a hygienic and stylish finish while also being available in an enormous variety of colours to suit every taste and palette.

Caesarstone’s White Attica – Image Source

White Attica presents a stunning representation of natural marble. Bold and varying veins feature prominently in this particular stone atop a soft white background. If this is a colour you are seriously considering for use in your home, we do strongly recommend visiting your nearest Caesarstone showroom to view the entire slab prior to making your final decision; small samples and images will only tell part of the story! Seeing the slab in its entirety will allow you to see the exact colour hues and vein variation you can expect, making your final decision much easier.

So, is White Attica a great substitute for a real marble benchtop? Well that all depends on what is most important for you. Ultimately, the decision will be based on 3 things: price, authenticity and maintenance.

In terms of price, you will find White Attica to cost more than a standard Caesarstone colour; White Attica is included in Caesarstone’s Supernatural collection (their luxury colour range) which costs significantly more per slab than colours included in their Standard colour collection. Caesarstone’s brochure includes a legend to guide you through their pricing categories: click here to order your brochure and samples. As you can expect, natural marble will cost more than any Caesarstone product with the cost of ongoing maintenance and sealing to consider as well. Each different type of marble has a different price tag per slab: we recommend visiting your local stone supplier or stonemason to view marble slabs in full, where you will also be able to select the exact slab you like.

A side by side comparison of natural New York Marble and Caesarstone’s White Attica

An authentic marble look is another factor to take into account when making your final decision; if you prefer the natural stuff and you are happy with a little bit of extra cost and maintenance, then you truly cannot beat the look and feel of a natural marble surface. As visually stunning and versatile as White Attica is, it does not include the slight variations in texture and depth of colour you can see in a natural marble. Natural marble has a certain depth and lustre that simply cannot be replicated by anything man made. Although we do love White Attica, this is something that the surface lacks: you will find that this stone is completely smooth and does not present the exact colour variations and depth of a real marble.

White Attica makes a bold statement in this on trend kitchen, as featured on The Block. Image Source.

As we’ve mentioned, maintenance is another thing to consider when purchasing any natural stone. Marble is much more prone to cracking and staining than a Caesarstone benchtop and will require regular maintenance by a professional. There are many amazing cleaners available that do contain sealant within them making them a perfect solution to reduce the amount of time needed between professional maintenance. Of course, the kinks and marks present on a natural stone surface often add to its charm and appeal so don’t be afraid to celebrate these imperfections! On the other hand, Caesarstone surfaces offer a virtually maintenance free solution for the home as they are virtually non porous and maintain their lustre with everyday use.

The decision is simple when narrowing it down to the 3 key factors: price, authenticity and maintenance. If you are after a cost effective and maintenance free solution, White Attica is the perfect fit for you. If you are happy with a bit of extra cost and maintenance, get to choosing that perfect slab of natural marble for your home!

Which do you prefer: Natural Marble or Caesarstone’s White Attica? Share your thoughts in the comments below!






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