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5 Soothing Bedroom Colour Schemes

5 Stunning decorating schemes for your bedroom!

It’s so easy to introduce a sophisticated, soothing colour palette in your bedroom. Using bedding linens, decorative fabrics and accessories you can easily change up the entire look and theme of your bedroom for a truly tranquil retreat!


A fun-loving colour scheme, Pastels introduce a sense of whimsy while also creating a light, breezy space. Layer your pastel toned furnishings and don’t forget to include patterned and textured furnishings to create character in the room. Medium to light toned timbers suit this scheme well as do metallic highlights scattered about.

Westwood Round Cushion
Pictured: Westwood Round Cushion.

Sea Foam

An earthy, aquatic style in the bedroom creates a luxurious, nature-inspired retreat! Layer shades of green, blue and turquoise with white, soft grey and deep charcoal for a truly magical bedroom style. Include greenery (whether you prefer faux plants or real!) and soft, warm timbers to further enhance the natural style. Use fur rugs and throws for a luxurious finishing touch to your woodland retreat!

Pictured: Wilderness Quilt Cover Set.

Navy & Blush

A stylish and romantic theme in the bedroom, Navy & Blush combines regal navy tones contrasted with a soft nude pink for a truly soothing bedroom decorating scheme. Florals compliment this look extremely well, as shown in the example below, as do Art Deco accessories, crystal, glass and gold touches.

Paradise Garden Cushion
Pictured: Paradise Garden Cushion.

Black & White

For a more modern and always trending style, Black & White is the go-to scheme. Soften your black features by introducing charcoal tones – Charcoal tends to have more depth than a solid black, making it much more soothing to the eye. Bold, geometric patterns along with touches of greenery will add pattern, colour and interest in the space.

Jersey Quilt Cover
Pictured: Quilted Jersey Quilt Cover Set.


Another classic style, the Coastal colour scheme recalls casual, beach life! Deep blues over soft greys and whites are the perfect compliments for this decorating scheme. Light, sandy toned timbers will also help create a coastal vibe, along with touches of greenery. Introduce texture using natural fabrics (such as jute or linen) in your accessories; the beautiful Barbados Floor Rug pictured below is available in four different styles to help add a further layer of texture and colour in your bedroom!

Coastal Bedroom.jpg
Pictured: Waves Quilt Cover Set.


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