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Getting Spring-Ready: 4 Budget Updates For Your Home

4 Easy budget updates for your home this Spring!

Getting ready to herald in Spring is always a confusing time in Melbourne – Flowers are starting to grow, the garden is in its early stages of blooming and yet, it’s bloody freezing outside! At least we can do something to make in Spring INSIDE!

Clear the Clutter

First and foremost, eliminate ALL clutter from your home! Not only will de-cluttering your interiors make your home more spacious and help keep your space tidy, but the process truly is a cathartic experience. I always set myself up with four boxes: Keep, Donate, Bin it and Sell it – Sort out your home and make a bit of cash for your troubles, because why not!

Lidded baskets are a fantastic way of keeping clutter out of sight and can be used in every area of the home: Use in your bathroom to store towels and extra bottles, in the living area to store extra soft furnishings, magazines or toys and in the bedroom for your extra blankets. View the Savannah Lidded Basket range here.

Ditch the Furs

Being a HUGE lover of furs, I always find it very difficult to give them up come Spring. Putting away my fuzzies makes me anxious but I accept and understand that Spring is the time of colour and fun! Put away the furs and replace with them with colourful, smooth fabrics, textured rugs, lightweight colourful throws, anuthign that will inject your space with a bit of vibrant colour.

Aloha Floral Cushion
PillowTalk’s fabulous Aloha cushion cover is a beautifully Spring themed style for your Living Room. Pair with soft neutrals for a soothing Spring style! View info.

Brighten it Up

Play with your colour palette by introducing a bright new feature colour: yellow, turquoise, orange or pink, the choice is yours. Compliment your new fabulous feature colour with neutral tones, black and white patterns and textured fabrics to create a bright and colourful home, perfect for ringing in Spring!

Add some bright colour tones to your bathroom this Spring in your accessories – The Merida Towel range is available in a great variety of different colours, picture here in the lovely Mint. View the collection here.

Darken it Up

In preparation for Summer, now is the time to have a look at your window furnishings. Investing in quality blockout curtains, blinds or even shutters will be a huge asset for your home. Quality window treatments just seem to ‘make’ the room, don’t they? They can also drastically help in keeping the harsh Summer sun out of your home and out of your eyes, assisting in reducing your energy bills and of course, accentuating the overall style of your space.

Vintage Industrial Kitchen_Diamond Interiors
We’ve finally had our blinds installed in our kitchen; don’t they look fab! Click here to view our complete range of Interior Designer Services!



And now the fun part: Accessorizing! this Spring is all about keeping your interior decorating scheme light, airy, colourful and highly tactile by introducing a variety of colours, finishes and textures around your home. Swap out vases with clear or glossy, coloured glass pieces that will not only compliment your colour scheme but also help in brightening up your interiors. Style floral arrangements around your home (whether you prefer for-real or faux) and experiment with different styles to see what works best for you.

We are absolutely in LOVE with Morgan & Finch’s stunning Smokey Vase Collection in Rose. View the collection here!


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