Whose Brilliant Idea Was THAT?! Bookshelf Edition

There is an abundance of decorating advice available online – our humble blog included. Most of it is fantastic but sometimes you stumble across some ideas that just make you stop and think “Well that’s just ridiculous.” What makes Diamond Interiors different? We prefer a more PRACTICAL approach.

Welcome to our new blog series ‘Whose Brilliant Idea Was THAT’.

The most infuriating bookshelf award goes to:

This slap on the face to every single hardcore reader out there. Image Source

OK, which idiot thought this would be a great idea? Who looked at their bookshelf one day and thought they could improve it by making it impossible to find anything? There is absolutely nothing unfashionable about a book spine; after all, there is a perfectly sound, logical explanation for it being there in the first place so why go to the trouble of making life difficult in the name of fashion?

Solution: Turn your books the right bloody way around, seriously. This is dumb.

A bookshelf offers a fabulous canvas to get creative with: style your books and accessories in a way that will make sense to you and make your life easier. Group books by genre, author, colour: whatever works best for you. Mix and match some of your favourite trinkets and picture frames, use bookends and vases to add a luxurious element, play with heights, colours and textures to create a stunning and functional display.

These examples (Sources: Image 1, Image 2) feature two very different styles, executed beautifully. Book titles are clearly visible, accessories filled with character are scattered among the shelves, and each display is a true representation of the owner’s style and interests: exactly what a great bookshelf display should be!

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