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Kitchen Design Ideas & Trends of 2018

A quick-fire guide to all the kitchen design trends to lookout for this year!

With the kitchen continuing to be one of the key areas of the home, Kitchen Designers are taking a more stylised approach to create a space that compliments the home’s overall design. Durability, function and of course, STYLE are the key elements to ensure in every kitchen design. The following guide to this year’s top kitchen design ideas and trends has been sent to us from the good people of Pennywell in Ireland – Creators of incredible countertops and worktops!

Kitchen Design Trends of 2018

Among the standout trends we are set to witness in 2018 is the continued preference for quartz worktops, owing largely to the product’s superb durability and large scope for design customisation. We’re also seeing a comeback of brass embellishments, albeit in a subtle, understated fashion, while kitchens are becoming much more stylised to match the overall design specifications of the home, thus making the space feel more like an inclusion within the entire home rather than a standalone room in the same structure.

This incredible infographic has been created by Pennywell of Ireland – Creators of fabulous benchtops and worktops!


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