Spice Storage Ideas: 7 Creative Solutions

Spices can be an absolute pain to find storage space for, especially if you’re anything like me and have about 30 different spices to arrange! Spice storage ideas were discussed in our Facebook Group recently so we thought it best to compile a quick blog post full of the best ideas we came across!

Magnetic and Door Mounted Spice Storage Ideas

I LOVE this spice storage idea! The great thing about creating a magnetic spice rack is that it can be placed just about anywhere you have the vertical space available for it: The inside of your pantry door, a bare wall in your kitchen, over your existing splashback or simply: Use your fridge!

Checkout this DIY tutorial over at Apartment Therapy to recreate this look in your kitchen. These systems will securely hold your spice jars in place in a location you choose in your kitchen design scheme that will best suit your needs – A great idea for mounting on the inside of a cabinet door!

Door mounted spice racks are an excellent solution to using up any empty vertical spaces – Perfect for smaller kitchens! Image credit: Decoroption

Added Wall Shelves

An effective kitchen storage solution for larger canisters or jars of spices (Thermomix users, that’s you guys!) is to add a strong set of shelving to your kitchen. A simple, small set of wall shelves can easily be installed on your existing walls (without being drilled straight into the stud, smaller shelf units can support a couple of kilos – perfect for smaller spice container.!) Alternatively, if you’re looking to store much larger, heavier jars and canisters, you will of course want to ensure proper installation with your new shelves being drilled directly into the stud.

Wall shelves provide a stylish solution to increasing your kitchen storage. Style your shelves and show off the beautiful colours of your spices using clear glass jars and canisters – Create a work of art from your ingredients! Image: Lanzaroteya

Drawer Spice Storage

I use the drawer directly beneath my cooktop to store all of my spices. Keeping them close-by while I’m cooking is a fantastic help (being a bit messy in the kitchen, it certainly does help to minimise walking around gathering ingredients, thus spreading the mess all over the room!) Use drawer inserts to help keep your jars neatly arranged and not rolling about in your drawers. As always, Kmart has us covered here: I’ve used Kmart’s Bamboo Storage Trays to keep my spice jars organised in neat rows in my kitchen drawers.

Tuck away your spice collection in a drawer close to your cooktop and oven for quick and easy access. Image source

Kitchen Command Centre

I LOVE this one! Create a stylish kitchen command centre with all the bits and pieces you need to help your household run like the well oiled machine that it is! The example below includes a chalkboard (with a handy little chalk storage area) – You could include a monthly calendar, a weekly meal planner, or your general daily To-Do lists. Add a few simple wall shelves and there we have it – A fabulous custom Kitchen Command Centre, complete with funky spice storage!

A Kitchen Command Centre is a fantastic DIY project – Create your own custom solution to suit your own unique needs and lifestyle! Image source

Glass Jars & Canisters

You will of course, need some funky jars to store all your spices in! I found these while browsing online and simply couldn’t resist sharing. These vintage inspired William Morris Cray Jars are super stylish and completely airtight to ensure your spices remain fresh. And just checkout those incredible vintage styled lids! Of course, the true Aussie way of creating a stunning yet cost effective spice storage display using glass jars is to upcycle the classic Moconna coffee jars. These can be painted and labelled to create your own custom glass spice jars without the price tag!

The stunning William Morris Cray Jars offer a colourful, vintage inspired pop of colour in your spice rack display! Image: Zanui

Flexible Storage Solutions

A very versatile kitchen storage solution, using a small cart or butcher’s block can add an incredible amount of storage to your kitchen! Being on wheels, these carts are fabulously versatile and functional: tuck away into a discreet corner when not in use and pull out beside your cooking zone when needed. A simple and efficient way of storing spices, oils and other cooking essentials.

Flexible storage solutions such as Butcher’s Blocks or mini carts offer a very flexible way to store all your cooking essentials and keep them within easy reach when needed. Image: Green Virals

Pull Out Spice Storage Rack

A classic and very effective solution to storing your spices and oils in the kitchen is the Pull Out Spice Rack. I try to include one of these awesome pull-outs in every single kitchen I design – They’re just so darn versatile! I’ve seen them used as coffee stations (storing mugs, coffee and tea), to store cleaning products and of course, for spices and oils. Hafele offer very reliable solutions that are available in 30cm wide systems or the slimmer 15cm wide units. These pull outs can also be found at all good hardware stores and can even be installed into your existing cabinetry.

Pull out spice storage racks are a very convenient way to store spices and oils while keeping them all neatly arranged and discreetly tucked away. Image: BeeyoutifulLife

Whether you prefer to have your spices out on display in your kitchen or neatly tucked away in a cupboard or drawer, there are plenty of ways to get creative with your storage and we hope these exciting spice storage ideas have given you some inspiration when organising your kitchen!

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