Small Garden Ideas: Getting Creative with Small Spaces

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as creating your own lush, green garden filled with colourful flowers, fresh herbs and veggies. We are in the unfortunate position of having a super small garden with next to no greenery so I’ve been looking to fix all that by getting a little creative with some nifty tiny backyard ideas!

Small homes and apartments often make excellent use of their living and storage solutions however, having your own garden is not always as simple with greenery and available planting space being rather limited. Thankfully, there are many ways to introduce some lush plant life in your home to help liven things up! These epic small garden ideas will have you out in the garden in no time!

Vertical Gardens

One of the best ways to add some greenery to a small garden or outdoor space (or even indoors with the right set up!) is to make use of any available vertical space. You’ll find highly customisable options available at your local hardware stores in terms of vertical garden solutions. There are options available to cover all the bases when it comes to building a fruitful garden in tight quarters, from balcony hangers to freestanding stackers and of course, wall mounted options as the example pictured below.

From wall mounted vertical planters to balcony hangers, you will find a vast range of planting solutions available to suit your needs at your local hardware or gardening store. Image: Whites Group

If you are looking for more of a DIY approach, you can build your own custom vertical planters by up-cycling your tin cans. Make sure to drill small holes in the base of each can to allow excess water to drain out and hand your new planter in your small garden. Fill with herbs or small flowers for a burst of colour and lush greenery!

DIY Up-Cycled Tin Can Vertical Garden

Using up-cycled tin cans, you can create your own DIY vertical planter, perfect for herbs, flowers or small fruit and vegetable plants. This gorgeous DIY project was featured on Simple Stylings.

Plants for Small Gardens

Including lush greenery in a tight space can be a tricky task. Wherever possible, incorporate upward growing trees (such as bamboo, for example) that will draw the eye upwards and help make the space appear larger.

Use a variety of different sized and shaped pots to create visual interest in your small garden. A herb garden is an excellent idea for adding greenery in your small garden and will also provide you with luscious, fragrant herbs for your cooking. Image: Pexels

When you’re short on grass and planting space, the next best way to add more greenery is of course, potted or hanging plants. Create interest in your small garden by combining different styles of pots as well as playing with different heights and sizes to achieve a well balanced look.

Stuck for plant ideas for a small garden? Popular options that won’t require too much room include herb gardens and dwarf lemon trees!

Keep it Light & Bright in your Small Garden Design

As with any small area, keeping things light, bright and breezy is the key to creating the illusion of an abundance of space. When selecting outdoor accessories such as table settings, cushions and ottomans, opt for lighter colours and natural tones to create a casual, breezy environment. Multi-functional pieces are also your friend here – Outdoor storage ottomans or benches are a fabulous way to keep small gardening tools and other equipment neatly (and safely!) tucked away.

It really doesn’t take an awful lot to create a romantic and cosy vibe in a smaller yard; A simple seating area, a touch of greenery and a few strategically strung twinkle lights to set the mood! Image source

Add further light to your outdoor paradise by including solar powered lighting solutions: Twinkle lights to set the mood, wall lights for a bit of ambient lighting and stake lights to light up any path ways – Nothing says ‘romantic getaway’ more than warm lights strung across your newly decked out tiny garden!

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