The Block 2020 Room Reveal Week 5: Guest Bedrooms & Ensuites

Another interesting week on The Block with our couples navigating through lockdowns and restrictions to continue with their Brighton home renovations. This week we’re exploring more Guest Bedroom and Ensuite designs so let’s see just how well each team went…

Last week, we looked at the couple’s Master Ensuites and noticed a glaringly frustrating omission: Towel Rails! Towel rails seemed to be absent in almost every bathroom design, with each space relying on robe hooks instead to do the job of both hanging and somehow drying towels. I am especially excited to see towel rails included this week so I was just wanting to make that note straight off the bat rather than having to repeat my excitement for each individual space!

Harry and Tash – Judge’s Score: 28.5/30

1 / 6

A simple, clean and modern bedroom, Harry and Tash certainly packed quite a punch in their bedr0om’s colour scheme this week, pairing various shades of blue with bright, citrus tones. These bright colours are grounded with their use of darker finishes in the space, creating an excellent sense of balance. Initially, the judges gave our Melbourne father and daughter team very positive feedback however, they did notice that the wall was about 40mm off – We can’t be having a crooked wall in any of these fancy homes now can we?! Unfortunately, this may mean that the team will have to pull a section of the bathroom out in order to rectify the error. Aside from this, their 1920’s inspired bedroom and ensuite included a few key features of the era, mainly in their chosen colour palette however, there could have been more of that inspiration coming through, especially in the bathroom where I am feeling more of a 50’s vibe!

Sarah & George – Judge’s Score: 29/30

2 / 6

Western Sydney couple Sarah and George created a simple, elegant and sleek design in both their bedroom and ensuite this week, using a predominately white and grey colour scheme that is highlighted with bolder rusty tones and a rich navy blue. The bedroom included a luxurious amount of space and storage, creating a highly functional and comfortable area. The overall bedroom design itself could have used a little more life in it as the entire scheme does fall a little flat however, their bathroom was simply spectacular in my opinion!

The team achieved the perfect level of contrast in their selected bathroom tiles while also including 1940’s inspired features in their vanity unit as well as in their use of geometric lines and patterns throughout the space. The judges did comment that the linear shower grate did not need to be black (which left me rather confused as the entire space uses black bathroom fittings; anything other than black would have been out of place) and that the shower mixer really should have been installed in a central position rather than so far to the right and away from the shower rose. I would definitely have to agree with the latter point; as Shaynna demonstrated, the mixer’s placement does make for an awkward shower experience. Otherwise, an excellent effort from George and Sarah!

Daniel & Jade – Judge’s Score: 25.5/30

3 / 6

SA team Daniel and Jade had not one, not two, but THREE designs to show us this week, with two bedrooms and an ensuite completed: Definitely a move that will add value to the family friendly 1930’s inspired Brighton property. Jade’s styling certainly was the talking point of this week’s feedback with one of our judges threatening to run off with that glorious round cushion! The fantastic Graffico wallpaper was certainly a treat, creating a space that was suitable for both children and adults.

The bathroom however, did not receive the same excellent feedback with judge Darren being especially disappointed with the overall look of the design. I do believe the team showed several key features of their allocated 1930’s era where once again, marble tiles have been used paired with bold structured lines, both key elements of the designs popular in the 1930’s. The mint green basins were an unfortunate choice – they almost stood out like a sore thumb in an otherwise black and white design scheme and really should have been properly balanced out with another mint green element in the space; perhaps a feature tile would have provided more interest in the scheme while also creating some sort of link to the choice of basins. A lovely basin and gorgeous colour, it simply needed another matching element to look like it actually belongs in the design!

Luke & Jasmin – Judge’s Score: 30/30

4 / 7

This week’s winners with a perfect score of 30/30, WA team Luke and Jasmin have come under fire from judge Shaynna Blaze since filming as the Interior Designer says the couple have in fact copied another design.

‘I thought, “I’m just going to have a look” – and I found an identical one. There are one or two teeny-tiny tweaks, but it’s literally a carbon copy!’ – Shaynna Blaze

Since filming, Judge Shaynna Blaze claims to have found the original design that inspired the winning look this week. Daily Mail Australia

Controversies and cheating allegations aside (I don’t want to be accusing the team of cheating without any formal proof, so I’d very much prefer to stick to the design itself from here on out!) Luke and Jasmin did present a very polished, colourful and exciting kid’s room, complete with a jungle themed bunk bed and matching accessories. The bunk bed does however, raise some issues in terms of the overall practicality of the space as it would be incredibly frustrating having to change the bed sheets up there while the ladder itself is also problematic, butting up against a hanging (swinging even!) chair. Most uncomfortable…

Their attached ensuite/bathroom however was well planned with a neat and crisp colour scheme. I would have enjoyed more of a contrast between their main tiles and feature bathroom tiles but it still worked and can always be spruced up with colourful accessories and decor. All in all, a very well balanced bathroom design with a lovely and playful bedroom design this week.

Jimmy & Tam – Judge’s Score: 29/30

5 / 6

Queensland couple Jimmy and Tam once again have burst in with a blaze of colours in their bedroom and ensuite designs this week! Their bedroom design included a lot of incredible features, with their desk and connecting window seat being a highly functional part of their overall design. Once again, the stylish and glamorous Grafico wallpaper created a bold statement in the space and was carefully balanced out with coordinating soft furnishings to create a lush and comfortable design scheme.

The bathroom however, received a very mixed reaction with Shaynna commenting that it was the ‘Donald Trump’ of bathrooms thanks to the particular shade of yellow used on the walls! Although the space was well designed spatially, their mix of gold and white bathroom fittings brings the overall look down. Their choice of terazzo tiles suited their 1950’s era and made for a wonderfully on trend look in the design but I would have liked to see a simple straight tile line rather than the choppy look of the shower wall tiles stopping short on either wall. Given the room’s angled ceiling, a continuous tile line could not have been achieved all around the room but should have at least been continued from the shower to the vanity and then BEHIND the vanity unit itself for more of a harmonious look.

Although it is clear that the duo are taking their 1950’s design brief seriously, one does wonder if their overall renovation is just too specific and could potentially turn buyers off the property. We shall wait and see!

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