6 Stunning Mirrors for your Home

Hanging decorative mirrors around your home is a fabulous way of adding depth, light and interest to your walls. We’ve compiled a quick list of our favourite picks, each with its own unique style to suit every taste!

6 Stunning Mirrors for your Home by Diamond Interiors
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A Review of Caesarstone’s White Attica

Caesarstone’s most recent additions to their already extensive catalogue of benchtop finishes have caused quite a stir in the world of kitchen design in Melbourne. Click here to view all their new colours, including the spectacular Statuario Maximus and Calacatta Nuvo. One of my personal favourites is White Attica: a stunning marble-look engineered stone that provides an amazing substitute to the real thing! Today we’ll be taking a better look at the pros and cons of this particular surface. We’d love to hear what you think!

Caesarstone White Attica Review by Diamond Interiors
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Engineered Stone Myth #3: The Accuracy of Samples

Welcome to Myth-Busting Mondays where we DEBUNK the myths surrounding popular products used around the home!

For our third post, we’ll be discussing just how accurate sample ships really are, to be followed next week by staining concerns in Engineered Stone products.

Myth #3 – Your new benchtop will look just like the sample you picked it out from

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Tiling Ideas for an Art Deco Inspired Bathroom

The Art Deco style has, and always will be a timeless look – learn more about the Art Deco movement in our Art Deco Style Guide. A luxe combination of metallic surfaces, structured geometric lines and high gloss finishes, the style represents a glamorous, high end lifestyle that introduces a sophisticated elegance to any space.


Today, we’ll be looking at the different types, styles and colours of tiles that will help you achieve an Art Deco inspired bathroom.

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Engineered Stone Myth #2: Engineered Stone cracks easily

Welcome to Myth-Busting Mondays where we DEBUNK the myths surrounding popular products used around the home!

For the next few weeks, we’ll be focusing on Engineered Stone products such as Caesarstone, Quantum Quartz, Smartstone and Essastone. Our first myth covered chipping in Engineered Stones – Click here to read!


Myth #2: Engineered Stone cracks easily

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Black Tapware: Just a fad or here to stay?

Black tapware has been around for some years now: what started as yet another colour trend we thought we’d forget all about, has proceeded to make a huge impact on kitchen and bathroom design.

But, will it last?

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Engineered Stone Myth #1: Chipping

Welcome to Myth-Busting Mondays where we DEBUNK the myths surrounding popular products used around the home!

Engineered or Composite stones such as Caesarstone, Quantum Quartz, Smartstone and Essastone are used in most new kitchens or kitchen renovations these days. These popular benchtop products are highly durable, stylish and easy to maintain, especially when compared to natural stones such as marble and granite.


However, there are some mixed reviews out there causing consumers to question the overall quality and durability of engineered stones. We thought we’d target some key concerns raised by clients in the past and hopefully DEBUNK some of the myths surrounding this popular benchtop option.

For our first post, we’ll be discussing concerns chipping in Engineered Stone products, followed in the next few weeks by: cracking, staining and the accuracy of samples, all key concerns regarding Engineered Stone products.

Myth #1 – Engineered Stone chips easily

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The Ultimate Guide to Selecting Tiles

Selecting tiles can be an overwhelming task! Whether you are working on a new bathroom, updating your kitchen splashback or re-tiling your whole house, there truly is a world of possibilities available in the tiling industry. So where do you start? How do you make the decision less daunting?


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Interior Design How to: Design the Perfect Bathroom Vanity

It may sound simple: designing a bathroom vanity. However, there are many smaller details to consider in ensuring that the end result is something that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and functional. A vanity is something that we literally use every single day: we wash our face and hands, we brush our teeth, we brush our hair, we apply make up – you want your vanity to not only last, but also be easy to keep clean and pack plenty of storage!


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10 Fabulous & Practical Accessories You Need in Your Bathroom!

Practicality and Beauty were the two key elements we were looking for in selecting our Top 10 Bathroom Accessories – the following items not only provide a practical solution to styling your bathroom, but are also classic and timeless pieces, meaning they will always be on trend and fit into any bathroom decorating scheme you choose later on down the track!10-fabulous-practical-accessories-you-need-in-your-bathroom-by-diamond-interiors

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13 Steps to Decluttering Your Bathroom

Clutter: although we all try to avoid it, it’s one of those things that tends to sneak up on us around the house! We recently discussed the best ways to keep your Kitchen clutter-free (click here to have a read!) and we’re now taking on the other Clutter Magnet of the home: The Bathroom! Read on to find out how you can declutter your Bathroom and keep it that way!

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Materials & Finishes: Caesarstone’s Concetto Collection

Caesarstone is internationally popular for their exquisite quartz based engineered stones, but did you know they also have an exciting collection of semi-precious hand made stones too? Using quality materials ranging from natural quartz, amethyst and crystal, the Concetto Collection is sure to add a glamorous WOW factor to any design!

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What is the Difference Between Vinyl Wrap and Two Pack?

There is much debate on whether or not two pack finished cabinetry is actually worth the cost, especially when compared to vinyl wrap options which can offer a similar look for a better price. Read on to find out more about the differences in these two popular products and decide which is the best fit for you.


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Powder Room Design Guide

A Powder Room is a great addition to any home as it provides you with the luxury of keeping your family bathroom and/or ensuite private while also allowing a comfortable space for your guests to use while they visit.


When planning a new Powder Room, there are several things to take into consideration including the location, size, insulation, ventilation, what to include and how to style the space. Read on to find out how to create the perfect Powder Room for your home!

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Materials & Finishes: Akril Acrylic Panels

In our recent blog post 4 Variations of Glass Splashbacks, we mentioned Akril products as being a great substitute for traditional glass. We decided to discuss this amazing product in a little more detail!


Providing a cost effective and lightweight design solution, Akril’s Acrylic Panels are available in several different colours ranging from bright orange to pure white and even metallics!

But, what exactly is Akril? Read on to find out more about this exciting product and how you can use it in your own home.

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