DIY Eco Friendly Bathroom Cleaner

Using a simple combination of common household products, avoid the nasties in store bought cleaners and use this fabulous, multi purpose DIY eco friendly bathroom cleaner instead! Advertisements


6 Ways to Bring Sustainable Living into your Home

Bringing sustainable living into your home doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or involve major lifestyle changes. Our individual actions really do matter in the context of saving the environment, and there are simple steps we can take to reduce our own carbon footprint, produce less waste and ultimately help establish a more […]

5 Super Simple Steps to a Zero Waste Kitchen

Converting to a completely zero waste kitchen sounds like it would be ridiculously overwhelming and we’re here to tell you that no…It’s really not that big a deal! Yes, you may have a small initial investment, yes there may be a few unhealthy habits we’ll need to break but at the end of the day, […]

Backyard Ideas: How to Create a Beautiful Small Garden

Small homes and apartments often make excellent use of their living and storage solutions however, having your own garden is not always as simple with greenery and available planting space being rather limited. Thankfully, there are many ways to introduce some lush plant life in your home to help liven things up!

How to organise tupperware

How to Organise your Tupperware

Just about every kitchen has than one cupboard; the one that everyone refuses to open in fear of being caught up in an avalanche of tumbling Tupperware… I love a good de-clutter so let’s get cracking on making our kitchen storage a little bit safer!