Eco-Friendly Bathroom Renovation Tips

While eco friendly bathroom products are an excellent way to help reduce your household’s carbon footprint, a bathroom renovation on the other hand provides an excellent opportunity to make some more eco conscious choices right from the get-go, leading to a healthier and much more sustainable home. Advertisements


5 Timeless Bathroom Design Trends

The best way to ensure a bathroom design with everlasting appeal is to make timeless design decisions. The following bathroom renovation trends have already stood the test of time, guaranteeing everlasting appeal in every Australian home.

Laminex Absolute Matte Review: A Game-changer in the kitchen!

Matte laminate kitchen cabinets continue to rise in popularity in homes the world over thanks to their sleek and modern finish. Fingerprints however, are not so popular and that’s where the Laminex Absolute Matte collection comes to the rescue with its groundbreaking anti-fingerprint finish!

7 Modern Kitchen Ideas to Inspire you!

Today’s post runs through several modern kitchen design ideas for all you renovators out there! The key to a successfully designed kitchen is to make your main focus the practicality of the space itself before turning your attention to the aesthetics of the design; this will ensure your kitchen is always a joy to work […]

Benchtop Cheat-Sheet: Caesarstone’s Pricing Explained

Caesarstone’s pricing is a topic that is brought up all too often and the answer isn’t quite as straight forward as “It costs $x per slab of stone”. There are many variables involved that mean the final price will vary immensely depending on several factors, from the exact colour or style of stone you select, […]

Kitchen Ceiling Fan

Kitchen Ceiling Fans: Everything you need to know!

Incorporating a ceiling fan in the kitchen can sometimes be a challenge! There are often height restrictions involved or spacial limitations with cabinetry and other lighting fixtures already taking up a fair chunk of space. Today’s post runs through our best tips to help you not only choose the right fan for your needs and […]