6 Stunning Mirrors for your Home

Hanging decorative mirrors around your home is a fabulous way of adding depth, light and interest to your walls. We’ve compiled a quick list of our favourite picks, each with its own unique style to suit every taste!

6 Stunning Mirrors for your Home by Diamond Interiors
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Step by step guide to choosing mirrors for your home

In the grand scheme of things, choosing a mirror when redesigning a room may be somewhere at the back of your mind. We don’t live in a world where they are as necessary anymore, thanks to the rise of smart phones, that not only have cameras built in, but can also come with mirrored cases. They just aren’t an essential like sofas and tables.

But wouldn’t you be freaked out if someone said they didn’t have a mirror in their house? While not at the forefront, mirrors still play a vital role in daily household life. They are their for the quick check before you go out of the door, the bathroom rituals, and the mini bedroom fashion show before a big night out. So lets be honest, we still need mirrors. Buying the right mirror (or mirrors) requires more thought than you may currently be giving it. Luckily, there are only a few questions you have to ask yourself.

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