Materials & Finishes: Laminex Impressions Range


Among Laminex’s varied product offerings is the Impressions range of textured laminate surfaces which can be used almost anywhere around your home, from benchtops to doors and wall panels. Read on to discover more about this exciting and versatile product:

First of all, what is laminate?

A laminate is a decorative surface, most commonly used on benchtops and as cabinet doors or shelves. Laminate is actually made from layers of paper which is resin forced with thermosetting resins. The internal structure of your laminate surface is usually a Moisture Resistant Particleboard. Laminate was first made popular in the 1950s as an economical and stylish option for benchtops and countertops, however, thanks to advances in technology, it has since evolved into a fantastically durable product that can be used almost anywhere in the home.

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What is Laminex?

The name Laminex is often used to simply describe the laminate product however, Laminex refers to the manufacturer of these and other products. Learn more about the brand here.

Why is the Laminex Impressions Range so great?

Laminex offers a range of textured laminate surfaces, which is referred to as their Impressions Range. This collection offers a great alternative to natural materials such as timber or stone and is an extremely low maintenance product: cleaning is simple and fingerprints are minimal, if any.

Finishes available in Laminex’s Impressions Range are:

How does Laminex’s Impressions Range compare in terms of cost?

This product is competitively priced against laminate competitors – Laminate in general is one of the most stylish and least expensive options when it comes to cabinetry finishes, at a fraction of the cost of two pack or solid timber.

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