8 Steps to Creating a Modern/Vintage Style Kitchen

Owners of period style homes sometimes opt to keep the style of their home consistent when designing a new kitchen. Of course, this does not mean compromising on modern conveniences but rather creating a home that seamlessly combines the old with the new giving you the best of both worlds!

Read on for some great tips on how to create a Kitchen that is both Modern and Vintage!

1. Flooring Options

Recycled or polished timber floors are a perfect base for a modern-vintage kitchen, as are tiles. Get creative with the way your flooring is laid: both timber and tiles can be laid in various patterns to create a whole new look in your home. Do note, that any variations from standard layouts can attract an added cost in labour however, the finished product will definitely more than make up for it! Use small rugs or mats in front of key areas (such as in front of the sink) for not only an added touch of colour and texture but also to help with spills.

A chevron patterned floor finish provides the perfect base for this Vintage inspired Kitchen. Image Source

2. Cabinetry Style

Timber, Vinyl Wrapped (Thermolaminated) or Painted/Two Pack cabinet doors have the added benefit of providing a choice in different styled door profiles and faces, ranging from the incredibly detailed to the minimal profile. Detailed cabinetry as shown in the example below, adds another period style element to your kitchen design that will help in creating a modern/vintage space. To ensure ease of cleaning, we recommend a minimal door profile which will still add character to the design without overcrowding it! See Polytec’s range of door profiles for further inspiration.

Subtle detailing on the cabinetry paired with vintage elements create a Modern/Vintage vibe in this light and open kitchen. Image Source

Alternatively, should you prefer to keep your cabinetry minimal in appearance, select a standard edged, smooth door profile and focus your creativity in your selection of materials and fittings to bring out the vintage style of the space. This style creates a less busy kitchen scheme and is best suited to smaller kitchens.

3. Colours & Finishes

Timber cabinets are a great option for a vintage themed space, providing natural texture and warmth to the scheme. Alternatively, all whites and neutrals lend themselves well to a Modern/Vintage themed Kitchen: whites, greys, earthy taupes and blacks.For more inspiration in creating a colour scheme, click here to read our guide to creating the perfect Timeless Kitchen Colour Scheme.

Visit Dulux for more colour inspiration! Click here to visit their website.

Add pops of colour the the space in your splashback or accessories such as coloured towels, small appliances and plants.

4. Benchtops

Natural or reconstituted stones are always popular choices: marble or marble inspired engineered stones such as Caesarstone’s Noble Grey (click here to read our review of Caesarstone’s Noble Grey) work extremely well in Modern/Vintage kitchens, as do solid timber benchtops as seen in the example below.

This kitchen combines several key elements found in a vintage themed home, creating a fun Modern/Vintage space: Concrete tiles are paired with a timber floor, black metal framed furniture, timber benchtops and accents, as well as vintage styled fittings and decor. Image Source

5. Splashback Ideas

There are a few options available to achieve a modern/vintage splashback in your new kitchen, ranging from standard glass, mirror, tiles to stone.

As with all splashback materials, do ensure you meet Australian Standards when installing behind a gas cooktop. Your cooktop should be at least 200mm from any combustible surface for safety.

6. Tapware & Sinks

The fittings you select can either lean more towards a modern style or more of a vintage style depending on the final outcome you are wanting to achieve. If you prefer only a hint of vintage charm, focus your attention more on the other finishes in the space (such as the cabinetry, benchtops and splashbacks) and select sleek and modern fittings. For more of a vintage style, there are several companies that can provide modern reproductions of period style tapware and sinks that offer all the conveniences of modern technology with the old world appeal of period style fittings. Visit The English Tapware Company to view their huge range of kitchen and bathroom fittings.

The Perrin & Rowe Phoenician One Hole Sink Mixer & Spray Rinse features a modern chrome finish paired with a traditional style and porcelain handles for the perfect combination of old and new. Click here for more information.

7. Appliances

Again, you can opt to select sleek and modern appliances so as to keep the period style minimal, or you can opt for modern replicas of vintage appliances to further accentuate the vintage charm of your new kitchen. Appliance manufacturers such as Smeg and Belling offer some great options in vintage styled appliances, including fridges and freestanding cookers that are sure to appeal to the romantic vintage lover in us all!

Featuring Smeg’s range of Retro Appliances, this kitchen is an excellent example of a Modern/Vintage space. The detailed cabinet fronts and subway tiles are the perfect backdrop for retro themed fittings. Image Source

Each manufacturer offers a range of different colours, from black to cream and even red, so there’s something to suit every taste.

8. Lighting Ideas

Always plan your lighting during the design stage of your project, especially in the kitchen. It is important to also factor in task lighting in your work areas as central ceiling lighting is not always enough in the kitchen. With this in mind, consider a combination of different lighting layouts: LED strips or downlights installed beneath your overhead cabinets make for excellent task lighting as well as ambient lighting. Track lighting is also an option with varying finishes from chrome to black, white, brass, etc. to fit into your kitchen’s theme.

Lucretia Lighting’s magnificent Skygarden is available in 3 different sizes and colours: Gold, Black & White. Click here for more information.

Chandeliers and other forms of Pendant lighting are an excellent option if your space and layout allows for it; visit Lucretia Lighting for an amazing collection of replica designer lighting that is sure to please! Their Skygarden pendant light comes in several different sizes and colours and fits in beautifully in a kitchen with a modern/vintage theme.


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