13 Steps to Decluttering Your Bathroom

Clutter: although we all try to avoid it, it’s one of those things that tends to sneak up on us around the house! We recently discussed the best ways to keep your Kitchen clutter-free (click here to have a read!) and we’re now taking on the other Clutter Magnet of the home: The Bathroom! Read on to find out how you can declutter your Bathroom and keep it that way!


  1. Use up and dispose of all near-empty bottles

    Go through all drawers, cupboards and shelves and check every bottle; only a little bit left? Make sure that gets used up next and disposed of!

  2. Dispose of all expired medications

    If your cabinets are full of medications, do check them all to ensure they have not past their expiry date. Not only is this a necessary step to decluttering your bathroom but it can also be a health risk to have older medications around the home.

  3. Dispose of all expired make up products

    Avoid hoarding makeup – Certain items should be disposed of and bought again regularly for health and cleanliness (such as mascara which should ideally be tossed after 3 months of use!) Eliminate all make up items that are not used, expired, leaking, etc.

  4. Get rid of your old sponges, loofahs, bath mitts, etc

    Once again, not only will getting rid of these items help you free up some space, but it is also great for your health and hygiene to renew these items regularly.

    It is important to keep items that come into direct contact with your skin clean and tidy – update your bath mitts, sponges and loofahs regularly. This set if available from PillowTalk in two both grey and white.
  5. Dispose of disposable razors!

    Short & Sweet: If it’s blunt, get rid of it – Simple!

  6. Get organised

    Organise your storage in a way that suits you and creates less clutter: use drawer dividers or inserts to store small items such as hair ties and pins, band-aids, cotton balls, safety pins, etc.

  7. Remove all bottles from your shower floor – Invest in a shelf or hanging rack for your shower

    Rather than keeping your shampoo, conditioner and body washes all over the shower floor, add a small glass shelf to your shower to store them all. If you prefer, you can use a hanging shelf that will neatly clip or hang onto your shower screen, keeping everything off the floor and within reach.

    The Casa Shower Caddy provides a stylish solution to getting your shower essentials off the floor and neatly arranged. The shelves hang neatly on your showerhead, ensuring minimal intrusion in your shower space. Click here for more information.
  8. Get rid of Hotel/Spa toiletries

    We all love to hold onto the tiny soaps and shampoos that are included in our hotel rooms but will you ever use them? Are they really necessary to have around? Either use them up, keep them in your guest bathroom or get rid of them altogether.

  9. Invest in stylish bath towels and mats

    Although more of a decoration tip than decluttering tip, creating a sense of cohesion in your bath towels, bath mat or shower curtain can help make the space feel less dated, dreary and more stylish. Focusing on the way your Bathroom looks is another step to creating a clutter-free environment that will also have a great sense of style!

    Style your Bathroom in a selected them to keep the space  uniform and elegant. These colourful bath towel are now available from Adairs. Click here to view.
  10. If necessary, add more storage

    If, like me, you like to buy your favourite bath products in bulk but then don’t know where to store your 12 bottles of shampoo, it may be worth considering installing more storage in your bathroom. Add wall shelves or cupboards to keep things raised and off the vanity; if you have space for it, add a small freestanding cupboard to your bathroom.

    Adding a small cupboard in your Bathroom will help with storage issues and add a further design element to the space. The White Haven timber cupboard is available from LivingStyles – click here for more information.
  11. Add Hooks

    If you don’t have space for a towel ladder and instead, only have the single towel rail, consider also including a few hooks in your bathroom. Hooks will allow you the space to neatly hang towels to dry whereas a towel rail only allows for one towel to dry comfortably at a time. Also add a hook next to your basin – keep a small hand towel here to eliminate the need for having your hand towels on the vanity top.

    The Teak Wall Shelf is perfect for creating more space in your Bathroom – Four hooks allow for easy storage of your extra towels while a nifty shelf above is a handy storage space for extra bottles or decorative items. Available now at Zanui – Click here for more information.
  12. Always include a bin

    Although it seems like a no-brainer, the Bathroom is a place where a bin is always necessary! Part of the reason why empty bottles and scrunched up tissues are left lying around the Bathroom is because there’s no bin (and lets’ face it, we all sometimes just get a little lazy when it comes to cleaning!) Include a covered or lidded bin – keep it tucked neatly in the corner or in a cupboard.

  13. Make some money while you’re at it!

    You weren’t expecting this one, were you! I, like many other women, am guilty of buying pretty nail polishes, lip glosses or body butters that smell divine but just get left in a nice pile of unopened goodies in a secret corner of my bathroom vanity. When I declutter the bathroom, I actually gather all these lovely bits that are still unopened  and sell them as lots on Ebay. I try to keep similar items together (eg: all products from the Body Shop go together, nail polishes and filers go together, etc.) and get a surprising amount of interest! The money is always a great little reward after all that hard work!

What are your best tips to Decluttering your Bathroom? Share your ideas in the comments below!