7 Creative Ways to Add Style & Functionality to your Kitchen Island

A Kitchen island can provide you with much needed storage, seating, dining and work space however, there are a few things you can do to make your island even more stylish, functional and practical.

Read on for great ideas in how to get the most out of your kitchen island during the design process!

  1. Include Powerpoints

    Always allow for some discreetly placed powerpoints on your kitchen island. The most convenient spot is on the side of the island as pictured below, closest to your key working areas. This allows for you to run small appliances, phone or tablet chargers directly from the island bench making the space much more functional and increasing your available workspace. There is hardware available that will allow for powerpoints to be embedded in the cabinetry and rise out of the countertop however, due to the messy nature of a kitchen, these may not always be the most appropriate solution.

    This stylish kitchen island design incorporates a double powerpoint within easy and safe access. Image Source

  2. Re-Purposed Furniture

    A great way to add style and vintage charm to your kitchen island is to use re-purposed furniture in place of a more traditional island. Consider a narrow bar or dining table, a dresser (which would increase your overall storage space), a buffet or even a deep bookshelf. Speak to your Cabinet Maker or Designer about how to best incorporate your selected furniture item in the design.

    This re-purposed antique buffet provides added storage space while also creating a sense of luxury, vintage charm and elegance in this stunning kitchen design. Image Source

  3. Two-Tone Kitchen Style

    A trend we love is the two-tone kitchen; Get creative with colour combinations and create a kitchen that is super stylish and truly unique! One great option would be to invert the colours you have used on the rest of your kitchen: if you have white cabinetry and black countertops on most of your kitchen consider switching these colours on the island only, using black for your cabinetry and white for your countertop.

    This kitchen features a dark countertop/white cabinetry to the working zone and a white countertop paired with black cabinetry on the island only, making this area the focal point on the design. Image Source

  4. Add Towel Bars or Hooks

    A simple solution to making your kitchen island much more functional is to add a small towel bar or even a set of hooks to the side panel. This space can be used for dish towels and oven mitts for added convenience in your workspace and cooking zone.

    Retro Kitchen’s Range of hooks is available in an assortment of bright, cheery colours to suit any kitchen scheme! Available from Zanui – click here for more information.

  5. Get Creative with your Island’s Back Panel

    Kitchen islands often feature a blank fixed panel to one side, usually the side that faces away from the kitchen itself. Consider making use of this space in other ways: This panel can be painted as a chalkboard, it can be clad in stone to match your countertops, it can be painted a completely different colour to add a burst of personality into your space or it can even be tiled in your favourite mosaic pattern – the possibilities truly are endless!

    For even more added luxury, Caesarstone’s range of semi-precious stone slabs can also be used as a feature here; some colours in the range can even be backlit for instant WOW factor! To find out more about the Concetto Range, click here to read our recent post.

    Caesarstone’s Concetto Collection provides a burst of colour and added texture to this sleek and modern kitchen design. Image Source

  6. Include a Wine Rack or Bookshelf

    Try to use every nook and cranny of available space in your kitchen island: Consider including a built in wine rack to one side or even an open bookshelf to house all your cookbooks and decorative items. This will save space throughout the rest of your kitchen while also providing your kitchen with a stylish yet highly functional area of added storage for those often harder to store items.

    A wine rack and bookshelf has been included in this contemporary kitchen design. Image Source

  7. Island on Wheels – locking system

    If space is at a premium, or you simply prefer the practicality of an island that can be shifted to suit your needs, consider a kitchen island design that incorporates wheels. Ensure to include a locking system that will keep the island in place, allowing you to move the piece freely around the room!

    Including wheels on your kitchen island allows you a more flexible workspace. Image Source


Share your top tips for creating a stylish kitchen island in the comments below!

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