7 Elements of a Vintage/Industrial Decorating Scheme

A popular trend in the home is a romantic combination of Vintage and Industrial styling, or Steampunk styling. This clash of two boldly characteristic styles creates a visually stunning and cozy decorating scheme that involves layering textures, materials and colours to create a modern look that truly is timeless. Read on to find out how you can create the look in your home:

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1. Metallic Accents

Set off your decorating scheme with metallic accents scattered about the space which will effectively break up the bolder elements of an industrial theme and introduce vintage glamour in your scheme. Metallic accessories will also help add light to the space and create a soothing contrast when paired with the textures of timber, concrete or brick. Brass decor is trending this year with brushed gold also pairing extremely well with the rough, rustic textures of timber and brick that also feature prominently in both an industrial and vintage scheme.

This cozy bathroom combines rustic timber with a metallic copper freestanding bathtub for a dramatic look. Image Source.

2. Floral Decor

Soften the entire look with floral decor: soft furnishings, artwork and of course, fresh or faux flower arrangements will all work well to create the romantic atmosphere of a vintage inspired room while also softening the boldness of an industrial theme. Although fresh flowers are always preferable, they do of course come with maintenance! Quality faux flower arrangements can work just as well and don’t need watering or replacing!

A unique twist on a traditional flower arrangement! Image Source.

3. Warm Timbers

You will find grey and darker timbers trending this year and slowly taking the place of the blonde timber textures we’ve seen in the design and decorating industries over the last few years. The rough, rustic texture of recycled timber suits both decorating schemes well and acts as another way of meshing both vintage and industrial decorating schemes.

A beautiful example of a Vintage Industrial styled kitchen; this space exudes a warm, earthy vibe and makes use of several metallic finishes to bounce light throughout the space. Image Source.

4. Concrete & Brick

In contrast to the warmth of softness of florals and timbers, concrete and brick infuse this style with textured industrial features, creating a highly tactile backdrop for your decor. Exposed brick in the kitchen, concrete inspired porcelain tiles in the bathroom and even concrete planters and accessories can all create a fabulous atmosphere in your home.

5. Bold Blacks

Both Vintage and Industrial decorating schemes lend themselves well to bold black elements. Black cabinetry, powder coated black frames, black curtain rods and of course, black accessories such as picture frames or tapware are all great ways to introduce a bold element to ground your decorating scheme. This year, we are seeing a shift away from the high gloss surfaces of interior schemes over the last few years, towards matt or semi gloss finishes in cabinetry and accessories.

The boldness of an industrial themed bathroom can be softened by layering vintage materials and textures to create a tactile environment. Image Source.

6. Vintage Accessories

Of course, no vintage/industrial theme is complete without accessories! Sift through treasures found in second hand stores or antique dealers to find your perfect accessories: add a vintage candelabra to your dining setting, ornate and mismatched pictures frames and recycled timber furniture are some great ideas to create your own scheme. Complete the look with antique books, distressed timber storage crates, and vintage inspired soft furnishings such as cushions and throws.

Combine soft furnishings with vintage prints against an industrial themed space for a softer, charming look. Image Source.

7. Cast Iron Details

Further developing on the bold black elements of this decorating scheme, cast iron details add yet another bold element to the look while also introducing pattern and interest in the organic shapes featured in vintage cast iron pieces. Coffee tables or side tables with ornate, cast iron legs create a brilliant feature in the living area, cast iron trivets and accessories can be featured in your kitchen and ornate feature pendant lights also create a bold look that will work well in a vintage/industrial themed home.

An elegant hall table with decorative iron elements is the perfect finishing touch! Image Source.
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