Decorating Mistakes that Make Your Home Look Like a MESS

A home with a bit of mess is a home well loved; but there is such a thing as a little too much love! Read on to find out what some of the key Decorating Mistakes are that can make an otherwise clean home look like a mess.

Too Many Colours

I am a huge fan of colour in the home; it is important to remember when putting together your home’s colour scheme to a) Keep it coordinated and b) Pick only a few favourite colours and stick to them. This includes paint colours, furniture and accessory colours.

Decorating Mistakes
If you don’t want to get too ‘out-there’ with your colour scheme, you can never go wrong with a simple, elegant palette. Keep it natural by including layers of texture, natural materials and some greenery. Introduce a few of your favourite colours in pieces that are easily interchangeable, such as cushion covers for example – easy and cheap to swap around when you’re tired of them!

Open Shelves

Now hear me out: Open shelves can look absolutely fabulous when done right. When they are cluttered up with too many things or there are just open shelves EVERYWHERE, though, this can often overwhelm the space and make it feel very cluttered (read: messy!)

A well styled bookshelf can work wonders for your space: go from clutter to glamour with your open shelves! For more great tips, checkout this fab piece from Elle Decor.

High Maintenance Furniture

By high maintenance furniture I mean the sleek and smooth glossy stuff. The pieces that show off every single little speck of dust, every scratch, every nick and dent – all of it. When shopping for furniture, keep the maintenance factor in mind and opt for pieces that are super easy to keep clean and are a lot more forgiving when it comes to fingerprints and dust.

Textured timber pieces are a fabulously low maintenance option when it comes to furniture. The texture of the surface is a lot more forgiving with fingerprints and scratches and medium to lighter toned timbers won’t require dusting as often – The darker, glossier finishes will however, show off all the dustiness! Image: Zanui

Too Many Accessories

Accessories and knick-knacks in the home show off character and personality but cluster too many of them together and you’ve got yourself a messy looking space! Get creative with the way you style these pieces; as a general rule of thumb, display 3 pieces of differentiating height in each group.

Decorating Mistakes
Groups of three pieces clustered together offer a well balanced look. Use items with different heights, shapes and textures to create a harmonious style as demonstrated in this example.

Exposed Cords

Mounting your TV on the wall is a great way to ensure safety; it also really helps to open up the room a little! But those ghastly cords hanging down your walls aren’t as attractive so make sure to tuck them away.

Exposed cords hanging from the base of your wall mounted television often make the space appear disorganised and messy – Ask your electrician for the best solution to suit your home. For more design ideas, checkout this post at Ultimate Home Ideas.

Flat Cushions & Disheveled Throws

Flat cushions have a habit of making a room feel flat! Plump up your cushions and make sure they’re stuffed well. Neatly arrange your throws when not in use to help keep your living area looking neat, organised and super tidy.

Decorating Mistakes
Tidy throws and plump, soft cushions make a room feel cozy, inviting and comfortable. Flat cushions and messy, disheveled throws will however, make the space feel like an unwelcoming mess! Image: Manchester Madness


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