All Natural DIY Spider Repellent

As Summer is well and truly setting in here in Melbourne, so do all the spiders! I simply can’t stand the disgusting smell of insect and spider sprays and try my best to substitute these with natural alternatives where possible, such as this incredibly simple DIY Spider Repellent!

You will need:

First up, a quick note on sussing out the quality of your essential oils. You will want to keep an eye out for oils labelled as “Certified Organic” rather than the more common “100% Pure”. Achieving Organic Certification in Australia is quite the process and as such, you can be sure that the essential oil’s contents are exactly what they should be, whereas bottles simply labeled as 100% Pure do not meet this standard and can legally be diluted with carrier oils, containing only a small percentage of the pure essential oil.

Now for the fun part: Making your spider repellent!


Simple, super effective and a much more pleasant (and healthier!) odour than the foul smelling stuff from the supermarkets!

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