The Block 2020 Room Reveal Week 8: Upstairs Bedrooms

Last week, we looked at each team’s living and dining areas, completing the downstairs open plan kitchen zones that our teams on The Block have created. Moving on to the upstairs now, our couples have put together some lovely bedrooms and home offices with a few surprises along the way!

Harry and Tash – Judge’s Score: 28/30

1 / 8

Using a luscious, nature-inspired colour scheme that perfectly reflects the stunning views of the oak tree, Harry and Tash completed an especially lovely and comfortable upstairs bedroom and study/home office area. Although the pair could have used a bit of help with their painting this week, their styling was absolutely gorgeous with the Grafico wallpaper perfectly complementing the overall bedroom decorating scheme and tying the outdoor views with the interior. The judges were especially impressed with the dimensions of the space, commenting that this aspect offers the room some flexibility: It can remain a bedroom or be easily converted into a rumpus room by the new owners. I especially enjoyed the home office area in Harry and Tash’s room reveal this week; I loved that there was a direct view to the outdoors from the desk, a definite plus when working from home!

Sarah & George – Judge’s Score: 28.5/30

2 / 9

Finally, a winning week for Sarah and George! Their wonderfully styled upstairs bedroom included all the things that would excite children when stepping in: A trundle bed for sleepovers, a little table for activities and even a cosy little teepee to tell scary stories in during said sleepovers! This space definitely hit the judge’s all important ’emotional connection’ quota! Aside from the delightful bedroom, Sarah and George also delivered a fabulous home office/study area as well as a powder room, offering a wonderfully versatile area that can be used in many different ways by the new owners. The artwork included in the space included a set of funky portraits of Will Smith, Michael Jordan, Kris Jenner and Lady Gaga, adding a dramatic touch to the space while also appealing to both children and teens alike. A great effort from Sarah and George this week that definitely paid off!

Daniel & Jade – Judge’s Score: 27.5/30

3 / 10

Aside from South Australian team, Daniel and Jade’s third bedroom, the pair also had a secret attic in their reveal this week that adds an abundance of discreet storage to the home. Although the bedrooms were well laid out, they did fall a tad on the bland side with the judges commenting that the space lacked the emotional connection that buyers would want to see. I enjoyed their home office area; a little extra space between the desk nook on the left hand side and the couch would have been great however, I’m sure this is something the new owners can adjust to their liking quite easily. A decent effort but I definitely would have liked to see a little more sparkle!

Luke & Jasmin – Judge’s Score: 26/30

4 / 11

Perth couple Luke and Jasmin created a soothing, coastal themed space this week, perfectly carrying their home’s theme throughout the interior spaces to create a strong sense of continuity. The duo did experience a few issues this week but seem to have overcome them well, delivering some beautiful spaces in their bedroom, living area and cinema room. I especially loved the living/cinema zone, once again being a highly versatile space that can be used in many different ways by the owners. Shaynna Blaze was especially impressed with the team’s choice of sofa and had to be peeled off it as it was so darn comfy! Jasmin’s styling was especially lovely, including a range of wonderful pieces that perfectly complemented their coastal vibe. The VJ paneling was an excellent choice, providing a warm textured touch to the space. Although Luke and Jasmin could also have used a bit of a hand with their finishes and painting, they did create a visually stunning space that expertly continues the beachy vibe of the home’s interior decorating and design scheme.

Jimmy & Tam – Judge’s Score: 25.5/30

5 / 7

Last but certainly not least, Jimmy and Tam delivered a stylish media room and upstairs bedroom in their 1950’s inspired home. Their warm bedroom decorating scheme used a stunning Grafico wallpaper that was perfectly complemented with a set of stylish bedroom accessories to create a cohesive palette. Judge Neale absolutely loathes the team’s use of dried flowers in their styling so it is starting to be quite humorous seeing them used again and again! To be quite honest, I don’t really mind them – I quite like dried flowers but to each their own. I was quite surprised (or underwhelmed?) at Jimmy and Tam’s media room; it was quite pared down, even dull, in comparison to the bright and colourful spaces they’ve delivered each week thus far – It seems the team has gone from one extreme to the other! The placement of the television was especially of concern as it sat just too high to be comfortable when viewing from the sofa. A wall mounted TV should be installed at eye level from the seating position for ideal viewing and comfort so hopefully this is rectified. Otherwise, a great effort once again from Jimmy and Tam!

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