Showroom Feature: Premium German Kitchens Melbourne

German kitchen design is renowned for its focus on function, beauty and of course, superior quality. Melbourne’s latest player in the kitchen manufacturing game is certainly all about these extraordinary principles, going above and beyond to deliver the very best in quality products.

Premium German Kitchens hails from London, UK where the company was founded in 2015. Demand has rapidly grown since then as a result of the impeccable standard of quality delivered to each and every client, all at an exceptionally competitive price. Well known and reliable German kitchen brands are all housed under the one roof, allowing clients to select from a vast range of customisable kitchen design solutions, complete with an impressive selection of organisational and accessibility features.

Premium German Kitchens has since expanded its operations to include a showroom based in Melbourne’s leafy suburb of Rowville. The showroom itself is incredibly unique; a true showcase of the owner’s ingenuity! Born during Melbourne’s extensive (to say the least!) lockdown period, the showroom is housed in a serene residential area rather than a commercial or retail district. Unlike traditional kitchen showrooms, this unique placement offers clients the experience of seeing the products in a home setting, offering a realistic snapshot of the final piece in a comforting environment.

Featuring full extension drawer runners, these nifty plate drawers include customisable timber dividers that allow for a unique organisational feature in the kitchen that can be altered as your needs change over time.

The process is simple: Premium German Kitchens offers their clients a select range of prestigious German kitchen brands in a range of different price tiers to ensure there is a stunning solution to fit everyone’s unique style preferences and budget. Each price tier includes a set selection of different materials, cabinetry colours, door styles as well as organisational systems in order to assist you in the creation of that perfect design for your home.

Including a combination of stainless steel and timber dividers, this extraordinary drawer set comes complete with the spice containers and knife set displayed – A definite all-in-one solution! Large, pull-out bin drawers feature separate compartments to keep your kitchen waste arranged into general, recyclable and compost for the perfect kitchen clean-up solution.

One such option included in the company’s offerings is the luxury German kitchen brand Ballerina-Küchen. A modern trend setter in the kitchen cabinetry manufacturing industry, Ballerina-Küchen is based in Rödinghausen, producing 30,000 individual kitchens each and every year, all boasting the impressive attention to quality and detail that German design is so well known for. Founded in 1978, the brand has become an award winning market leader, consistently producing ingenious concepts that set an impeccable standard in the residential kitchen industry.

A stunning example of Premium German Kitchen’s work in the UK, this luxurious kitchen presents a combination of vintage, industrial and modern design themes to create a unique style in the home. View more exciting projects in Premium German Kitchens’ online gallery.

Premium German Kitchens offers a unique and highly customised approach to kitchen design in Melbourne, bringing luxurious options to our shores. The stylish showroom is open by appointment in Melbourne’s Rowville where clients can enjoy a relaxing, low pressure atmosphere where the team will run through all of your options and creative design solutions suitable for your needs, style and budget.

Premium German Kitchens is open by appointment only in Melbourne’s Rowville. Visit their website and arrange for a consultation today to get started on your dream home!

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