DIY Kitchen Makeover Tips

If your kitchen is still in good enough condition but could simply use a bit of an update, a complete kitchen renovation may not always be necessary but rather, a simple kitchen makeover that will create a whole new look in your home. Find out how you can easily spruce up your existing kitchen to create a new style!

Kitchen Lighting

No matter what style of kitchen design you have whether it be a contemporary design scheme or a Hamptons kitchen style, there is a pendant light to suit your home and budget! Pendant lights act as both a decorative finishing touch over a kitchen island bench while also providing much needed task lighting over the benchtop. Other kitchen lighting options to consider include LED strip lighting that can be installed beneath your overhead cabinets or shelving to create a more comfortable user experience in the kitchen.

Kitchen Makeover_Kitchen Lighting_Beacon Lighting Pendant Light
This modern Hamptons style kitchen design scheme includes a stunning linear pendant (Beacon Lighting) over the kitchen island. Adding feature kitchen lighting will not only add a glamorous touch to your existing kitchen design but it will of course serve a function in creating a more user friendly space.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

If your kitchen cupboards are in good shape but simply need an update, painting your kitchen cabinets is an excellent way of creating a dramatic new look. Be daring and go for an entirely different kitchen colour scheme or instead you can mix and match colours using contrasting tones for your base and overhead kitchen cabinets for a modern look.

Bunnings Tutorial_How to paint kitchen cabinets_Kitchen makeover
Checkout this step by step guide on painting laminate kitchen cabinets over at Bunning’s.

The key to achieving the perfect finish when painting kitchen cabinets is to ensure you have properly prepared the material and then used the most suitable paint. Laminate kitchen cabinets for example will usually need to be sanded in order for paint to properly adhere to the surface. Specific paints will need to be used as well to ensure a long lasting finish on your painted kitchen cabinets; your local paint and hardware store will be able to recommend the best tools and paint products for your particular project.

Replace Existing Kitchen Cabinet Handles

A great way to create the perfect kitchen makeover is to replace older knobs or kitchen handles for a fresh new look. Most hardware stores sell a huge variety of kitchen handles at good prices; ensure to keep the same style of handle throughout the kitchen for continuity in your kitchen design scheme! Take the time to measure out the drill holes (if any) of your existing kitchen cabinet handles to ensure your new selections will be a simple swap.

Kitchen Cabinet Handles_Kitchen Makeover Ideas
Matte black kitchen handles are a popular choice for a modern design. Tie in matte black handles with matching tapware or accessories for a fresh new look in your home. Image: Pexels

Use Vertical Space in your Kitchen Makeover

If your kitchen has some blank wall space, try to find a creative way to fill it: hang a painting, install new shelving (get creative with materials: use recycled timber pieces or buy new easy to install glass shelves for a glamorous look) or create a hanging space for your pots, pans and utensils. Making use of empty vertical space will not only add character but will once again will further enhance your kitchen design’s usability and function.

Kitchen Makeover_Hanging Rail_Open Shelf
Make use of any open vertical space in your kitchen makeover project with open shelves, hanging rails for utensils or artwork. Image: Pexels

Complete your Kitchen Makeover with Accessories & Furniture

Complete your kitchen makeover by adding a range of different accessories to the space. Indoor herb garden pots are a great way to add a touch of greenery to your home while also providing you with fresh, delicious herbs for cooking. Experiment with different coloured accessories from fruit bowls to toasters, soft furnishings and more!

You may also want to consider including new kitchen furniture such as bar stools at your kitchen island as well as loose storage items such as shelving units for example to add an element of extra storage to your existing kitchen layout. Replacing tired accessories and small appliances will work wonders in creating a fresh new look in your existing kitchen design scheme!

Creating a new look in your existing kitchen is simple: with a fresh coat of paint on your kitchen cabinets, new handles, lighting and accessories, your home will look fresh and brand new!