5 Ways to Create a Hotel Inspired Bathroom

Following our recent piece on Creating a Spa Inspired Bathroom, today we’re taking a look at designing your bathroom around a whole different theme: Hotel Luxury – another emerging trend in the world of bathroom design.


We are seeing a shift towards bathrooms becoming more luxurious and opulent with clients seeking out combinations of varying textures and materials. Of course, this is partially due to the fact that we now have readily available and affordable access to cost effective materials with the introduction of more realistic”look-alike” products such as marble inspired surfaces for example.

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Marble Inspired Surfaces for Your Home

Although a beautiful and luxurious material, marble is well known for its sensitivity. The surface is highly prone to scratches, stains and cracks while also requiring ongoing maintenance and sealing to ensure its longevity.


Being a highly porous stone, marble can be stained from liquids and acids which can in time dull the surface. With careful use and regular maintenance however, you are able to keep your marble tops looking as new!

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8 Steps to Creating a Modern/Vintage Style Kitchen

Owners of period style homes sometimes opt to keep the style of their home consistent when designing a new kitchen. Of course, this does not mean compromising on modern conveniences but rather creating a home that seamlessly combines the old with the new giving you the best of both worlds!


Read on for some great tips on how to create a Kitchen that is both Modern and Vintage!

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6 Steps to Creating a Beautiful Nursery

Decorating your baby’s bedroom can be one of the most exciting tasks when preparing for a new little person in your family. The following 6 steps will help take the guess work out of arranging your new Nursery, allowing you to spend your time focusing on the more important things!


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Our Top 6 Roald Dahl Books

In celebration of what would have been Roald Dahl’s 100th Birthday yesterday, September 13th, we’ve put together a list of our favourite Roald Dahl books! Roald Dahl inspired and entertained generations of children (and grown ups!) with his whimsy, often twisted and humorous tales. His books have sold more than 250 million copies globally, and for good reason: the man truly was a creative genius!

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Book Review: Unf*ck Your Habitat by: Rachel Hoffman

Rachel Hoffman’s motivation is definitely contagious! Her book, Unf*ck Your Habitat is a comedic look at how we can actually make our lives much better in simple, easy ways!

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Shabby Chic Style Guide

The term Shabby Chic was first used in the 80’s in The World of Interiors Magazine, giving rise to the popularity of the movement. With its origins in England, the Shabby Chic style draws inspiration from English Country homes while also featuring elements of other styles, including: Vintage, Victorian and French Provincial. For more information, also have a read our previous post on Decorating your Home in the Shabby Chic Style!


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13 Picks in Spring Decor for under $50!

The start of spring is always exciting: the end of cold rainy days and the promise of a beautiful Summer to look forward to! Get your Spring cleaning clothes on and ready that house for Spring with our top picks in Spring themed decor, all for under $50!!

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9 Bathroom Design Trends to Inspire you!

Current trends in the world of bathroom design and decoration reflect our having embraced of the notion of the bathroom being a room of luxury, health and well-being. The bathroom is no longer a purely functional space in the home, to be tucked away and kept hidden but rather, a space worthy of being celebrated and even flaunted!

Our bathroom is the perfect place to wind down, to enjoy the beauty of water, the experience of bathing and of self healing. How will you create your own dreamy oasis?!

9 Bathroom Design Trends to Inspire You! by Diamond Interiors

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7 Steps to Decluttering your Kitchen

We all strive for a clutter-free home but let’s face it, clutter does have a habit of sneaking up on us all when we’re not looking! The kitchen is perhaps one of the easiest spaces in the home that gets cluttered way too easily and way too quickly.

7 Steps to Decluttering Your Kitchen by Diamond Interiors

Here’s how you can change all of that and at least have a clutter-free kitchen:

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9 Ways to Personalise your Rental Home

Finding ways to decorate your rental home without upsetting the landlord can be tricky – With all the restrictions in place on rental properties, it can be very difficult to creatively express yourself in your home.

9 Ways to Decorate & Personalise your Rental Home by Diamond Interiors

Personalising the space we live in does play a big part in our well-being; it is important to feel both comfortable and at ease in your surroundings, especially when it comes to your own home.

Thankfully, there are now many options available to help spruce up the interiors in your rental home while staying on your landlord’s good side!

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On Trend: Marble Homewares

A trend that has taken the design world by storm is the resurface of using marble around the home: from kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities, and even accessories such as pots, trays, canisters and chopping boards. We’re even seeing soft furnishings, such as cushion covers and throws with a marble print on them!

And why not? Marble is a beautiful natural stone with a classic and timeless style. We can all rest assured that although marble may not always be an “on trend” item, it will always remain a true classic in home styling, making the investment definitely worthwhile!

In my search for the perfect marble tray for our kitchen, I found myself flooded in marble goodies over on Pillow Talk’s website and thought I’d share my favourite pieces, together with the marble trays on my shortlist!

Timber and marble bathroom accessories
The stunning Woodland Bathroom Accessories range uses a honey toned timber that is accented with pure white marble and chrome hardware to tie in the look with the rest of your bathroom fittings.
Marble Table
Another marble and timber combination, these luxurious Simplicity Tri Leg Tables will add a sophisticated and glamorous touch to any space in your home.
Marble Vase
These stunning faux marble porcelain vases are the perfect compliment for a relaxed and modern home decor scheme. The Venice Ceramic Marble vases are available in two different sizes and shapes, allowing you the luxurious look of marble without the price tag! The picture frame shown is also available online: made of faux marble and available in two sizes.
Kenzie Marble Table Lamp
Although these beauties are not available online, they are definitely worth checking out! A chic and luxurious combination of metals and marble, the Kenzie Table Lamp is available in two styles: Black Marble/Copper and White Marble/Gold.
Marble Cushion
Accent your living space with Pillow Talk’s gorgeous marble inspired cushions! Perfect for creating a tranquil and soothing space! The sofa featured in this image is from our dear friends at Fanuli furniture; find out more about the Frankie sofa here!
Marble Tray
And of course, where it all started! My hunt for a marble tray for my kitchen counter! I loved the simplicity of this tray paired with the sleek metallic handles. This one may be more suitable for a bathroom: it measures 30 x 20cm, making it a great fit for storing all your bathroom essentials on.
Marble and Timber Tray
After all that, this is the tray I settled on! Although it is a little smaller than I had wanted (also measuring 30 x 20cm) I thought it more suitable for my kitchen than the previous option and I also just loved the look of it! The timber walls and handles make it perfect for carrying things around in and the marble base is just to die for!

Pillow Talk Logo

Which is your favourite marble home accessory? Tell us in the comments below!

Shop The Look: Shades of Grey Bathroom Decor

Who could resist the tempting, soothing and tranquil tactile surfaces in this decor scheme? The colour palette layers shades of grey with exhilarating textures such as plush wool, concrete and timber, creating a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. Accent the look with a potted succulent; the plant featured in this look is actually made of rubber, making it suitable for a maintenance free bathroom!

Shopping links have been included below for each piece in this selection!Adairs Bathroom Mood Board by Diamond Interiors.jpg

  1. Mercer + Reid Plush Pile Bath Mat in Coal
  2. Mercer + Reid Maddison Bathrobe in Grey Marle
  3. Home Republic Nordic Scented Candle: Lemongrass & Ginger
  4. Home Republic Silver Aloe
  5. Home Republic Darcy Velour Contrast Coal Bath Towel
  6. Home Republic Urban Bathroom Accessories Set

Materials & Finishes: Dekton by Cosentino

Cosentino, manufacturer of the popular quartz benchtop Silestone, has wowed the design world with it latest innovation, Dekton – a sophisticated mixture of raw materials used to make glass, porcelain tiles and quartz surfaces. Read on to learn more about this amazing material.

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10 Amazing DIY Furniture Hacks

Desperately searching for a fun weekend activity, I’ve been scouring Pinterest for DIY furniture hacks and I have not been disappointed! Here are my Top 10 picks of DIY furniture hacks found online; now to make time to test them all out!

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