Summer Energy Saving Tips from Clipsal

With substantial cost increases across the board, Aussies are most definitely feeling the impact of sharp energy price rises. As can be expected, the most energy used in the home occurs during extreme weather periods such as Winter and Summer with a bit of a drop through milder periods in Spring and Autumn. Our friends over at Clipsal have clued us in on their recommendations for energy saving tips, from incorporating smarter technology in the home to monitoring energy guzzlers!

According to the AEMC (Australian Energy Market Commission), the average annual Australian electricity bill comes to a whopping $1,645. Alarmingly, if left on all day at an approximate rate of 50 cents an hour, an air conditioner can add an extra $225 on the next quarterly bill.

Chris Kerr, Vice President of Home & Distribution at Clipsal by Schneider Electric, provides his top tips for using smart technology to beat the cost of the summer heat. 

Summer Energy Saving: Installing Scalable Smart Home Technology

Smart technology such as Clipsal WiserTM Smart Home has been designed to ensure short and long term energy savings by automating electrical devices throughout the home. Such technology has become more accessible over these last few years with options popping up to help us monitor a variety of specific electrical items from kitchen appliances and air conditioning to simple light bulbs, kettles and more!

Save on Power Thirsty Appliances

Some of the home’s largest energy suckers come from often overlooked areas such as TV’s and computers in stand-by mode, gaming consoles, microwaves and washing machines. Keep an eye on such appliances and electronic devices around the home that are often left on stand-by as these can use up unnecessary energy throughout the day. Once again, smart home technology can be incorporated into your daily routine to help you monitor these items, switching them on and off only when necessary rather than leaving them running all day.

Let your home work for you by incorporating a combination of automated smart appliances that will offer seamless control over crucial area. Aside from your home’s lighting, you will also find other solutions that will allow you to automate fans and air conditioners to ensure these devices are not running all day but only when needed to keep a consistent temperature in the home. Even blinds can be automated to open and close in alignment with the current temperature in order to block out the heat and keep the cool air in!

Clipsal WiserTM by SE app_Summer Energy Saving Tips
Clipsal’s WiserTM by SE app allows you to control and monitor your home’s energy usage remotely from your tablet or smartphone.

Set Summer Energy saving Goals

Setting yourself a specific goal or target is the key to managing your energy usage. Smart devices and home automation will assist immensely in this step, allowing you to note real-time energy usage and pin point exactly which areas of the home are using the most electricity at any given time. Saving energy relies on creating good, consistent habits with smart energy monitoring devices allowing you to take control of your home’s energy costs and keep track of your target usage. As with any goal, make sure yo reward yourself along the way to keep motivation up throughout the process!

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