Interior Design Trends of 2023

Interior design trends of 2023 are taking a large leap away from the monochrome schemes of grey, grey and yet more grey that we’ve become accustomed to over the last few years and are embracing more of a cosy and comforting vibe. From lush tile options to warm interior paint colour palettes, these are the top interior design trends we are looking forward to seeing more of this year!

Interior Design Trends: Interior Paint Colours

Interior paint colour trends are shifting away from the cooler, stark whites and grey tones we’ve seen over the last few years and instead moving towards a warmer, richer colour palette. Think soft creamy tones, warm beige, deep burgundy and even sunshine yellows! You may be noticing a theme emerging here: yes, we are seeing the classic retro colours of the 1970s making a strong comeback!

Dulux Colour Forecast 2023_Connect_Interior Design Trends
Dulux’s 2023 Colour Forecast includes a retro inspired palette: Connect. This palette combines rich, warm and earthy colours with soft neutral tones to create a warm atmosphere in the home.

Trending Tiles

From the kitchen and laundry to the bathroom and even in outdoor areas, tiles provide a hard wearing and simple to clean surface finish that will bring any design to life! Tile trends are also shifting towards a stronger focus on lusciously tactile finishes, distressed looks and warmer colour tones that can be incorporated in your home’s design scheme to create a cohesive colour palette that is warm and inviting.

Perini Tiles Bata_Brick Tiles_Interior Design Trends
The Bata Collection from Perini Tiles offers an ultra-realistic brick style design made of porcelain. The collection includes a range of distressed brick-look options that can be used inside and outside the home. Find out more about this year’s trending tiles here.

Interior Design Trends Focusing on Sustainability

Placing a stronger emphasis on sustainability and safety when it comes to designing materials for the home, this year we’ll be seeing more and more companies creating luxurious finishes that are much more sustainable than their predecessors. From low silica benchtops made using recycled glass (see Smartston’e Ibrido collection!) to recycled glass tiles (see the Glass Tiles section at Perini Tiles!) we’ll certainly be keeping an eye out to see what else is in stock in the world of sustainable interior design trends.

Curved Edges and Archways

Keeping in line with the resurgence of the retro themed interior, you will have noticed curves popping up just about everywhere! From curved kitchen benchtops and curved bathroom mirrors to archways in the home, curves create a softer touch in comparison to the brutalist architecture styles we’ve become accustomed to which tend to create a colder and less welcoming vibe.

Caesarstone Frozen Terra_Curved Kitchen Benchtop
Curvy features throughout the home offer a softer, gentler touch in comparison to the sharp, bold lines of other styles of interior design and architecture. This elegant kitchen design by Wisdom Homes uses Caesarstone’s Frozen Terra benchtop to create a soft curved edge. Find out more about creating curves with Caesarstone here.

This year’s interior design trends are combining a focus on sustainability with retro inspired colour palettes and rich, earthy finishes to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in the home. We are certainly looking forward to seeing more of what 2023 has in store for us and will be posting regular updates on all of the latest interior design trends, news and new product releases!