Interior Design Myth: Solid Surface Benchtops are Seamless

When designing a kitchen that will include a benchtop over 3000mm in length, Corian or other solid surface products (such as Staron) are the go to option; the reason for this is that solid surface benchtops can be seamlessly bonded together thus ensuring no visible joins across the length of your new benchtop.

But, is this always the case?


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4 Reasons Why we LOVE Galley Style Kitchens!

With its origins in ship kitchens, the Galley Kitchen Layout includes two parallel counters designed to maximise both functionality and storage space in tight quarters, making the style an ideal solution for chefs on the sea and home cooks alike!


The simple ease and elegance of a galley style kitchen has made it a classic go-to kitchen layout however, it has lost a bit of its appeal over recent years in favour of layouts that will allow for an island, ‘L’ or ‘U’ shape. Although different layouts work best for different people, here’s why we LOVE the old galley style kitchens!

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5 Stylish Grey Kitchens to Inspire you!

A versatile, elegant and oh so styilish grey colour scheme can create a dramatic impact in any kitchen. From classic country to contemporary kitchen design, we’ve selected our top five kitchen design from around the web to inspire your grey kitchen colour scheme! Continue reading “5 Stylish Grey Kitchens to Inspire you!”

Engineered Stone Myth #4: Engineered Stones Stain Easily

Welcome to Myth-Busting Mondays where we DEBUNK the myths surrounding popular products used around the home!


For our fourth post, we’ll be discussing the likelihood of stains occurring on your Engineered Stone benchtop and the best way to matintain

Myth #4 – Engineered Stones will never stain

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A Kitchen Designer’s Guide to Porcelain Benchtops

Porcelain benchtops are fast taking over the world of kitchen design. Engineered and Natural stones have  long been the go-to option for every kitchen benchtop however, all that seems about to change with the ever growing popularity and availability of porcelain benchtops. Read on to find out more about the many qualities of porcelain benchtops.


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The REAL Cost of a New Kitchen

With the introduction of more sophisticated and durable finishes and materials in the world of kitchen design, there has been a steady increase in the overall costs of renovating or building a brand new kitchen. Today, we’ll be exploring the REAL costs of a new kitchen and how you can SAVE! Continue reading “The REAL Cost of a New Kitchen”

Kitchen Trends to Look out for in 2017

This article is brought to us by Amelia Atkins, an author on the site

Are you decorating your house, but don’t really know where to start? The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home: it needs to be practical, but it also needs to look great! The kitchen is the place where our families spend quality time together – over breakfast, making meals together and doing chores. With all the time you spend in the kitchen, cooking, eating and cleaning up, the ambiance is very important.

Here are some of the hottest new trends designers are suggesting for 2017.

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Black Tapware: Just a fad or here to stay?

Black tapware has been around for some years now: what started as yet another colour trend we thought we’d forget all about, has proceeded to make a huge impact on kitchen and bathroom design.

But, will it last?

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The Real Reasons Kitchen Renovations Go Over Budget – 11 Things to Avoid!

We’ve all heard those kitchen renovation horror stories; it’s very easy to go over budget in a renovation and end up feeling let down. Ensure you stay on top of your budget with our insider tips to make sure your renovation runs smoothly without causing too much damage to your bank account!


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7 Creative Ways to Add Style & Functionality to your Kitchen Island

A Kitchen island can provide you with much needed storage, seating, dining and work space however, there are a few things you can do to make your island even more stylish, functional and practical.


Read on for great ideas in how to get the most out of your kitchen island during the design process!

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Materials & Finishes: Caesarstone’s Concetto Collection

Caesarstone is internationally popular for their exquisite quartz based engineered stones, but did you know they also have an exciting collection of semi-precious hand made stones too? Using quality materials ranging from natural quartz, amethyst and crystal, the Concetto Collection is sure to add a glamorous WOW factor to any design!

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What is the Difference Between Vinyl Wrap and Two Pack?

There is much debate on whether or not two pack finished cabinetry is actually worth the cost, especially when compared to vinyl wrap options which can offer a similar look for a better price. Read on to find out more about the differences in these two popular products and decide which is the best fit for you.


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A Sneak Peak at Essastone’s New Collection!

Essastone has released an entirely new collection of colours and we were lucky enough to get a sneak peak! Checkout the new collection which now includes sensational marble and concrete inspired surfaces for your home in varying textures to suit every taste and style!

Essastone has been used in this stunning all white kitchen. Click to view more images from Essastone’s Inspirations Gallery.

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6 Steps to Selecting the Right Handles for Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Selecting handles for your new kitchen or bathroom may seem like a trivial task however, it is an all important element of the design and one that should not be overlooked. The type of handle you select plays a part in the overall style of the design as well as your comfort so do take the time to weigh up your options and select the handle that will best suit you.


The best place to start is to speak with your Designer to arrange samples or visit your local hardware store to both view and test the ranges available.

Our handy guide will make sure you’ve covered all the bases when selecting the handles that are right for you!

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8 Steps to Creating a Modern/Vintage Style Kitchen

Owners of period style homes sometimes opt to keep the style of their home consistent when designing a new kitchen. Of course, this does not mean compromising on modern conveniences but rather creating a home that seamlessly combines the old with the new giving you the best of both worlds!


Read on for some great tips on how to create a Kitchen that is both Modern and Vintage!

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