How to find your Kitchen Style

A big part of any kitchen renovation is to figure out what kitchen style you want; after all, this is the kitchen you will potentially be using for the next 10 or 20 years so you will want to get it right!

The most popular kitchen style or colour scheme is of course, white. An all white kitchen is a very safe option – It will always be in style, doesn’t show dust and marks quite as readily and is easy to add colour to and mix it up whenever you like. You really can’t go wrong with an all white kitchen however, if you are looking for something different and you’re not quite sure where to begin then you’ve most certainly come to the right place!

A sleek and minimal design pairing the natural beauty of warm timber and marble. Click here to view more stunning white kitchens at Architectural Digest.

Scrapbooking Ideas

I find that the best way to figure out the style and colour scheme of your new kitchen is to SCRAPBOOK – whether its an actual scrapbook with magazine cut outs or a digital scrapbook (such as Pinterest – a GOLD MINE of kitchen inspiration!) this is the very best way to figure out which way to go.

Spend some time either flicking through kitchen design magazines, browsing Pinterest Kitchen Design Boards or a good ol’fashioned Google image search – save every image that catches your eye.

Dove grey in place of pure white softens the look. Pair with blonde timber flooring and bold black window frames for a dramatic look and create interest and depth using metallic features. Image source

In no time at all, you will notice a distinct pattern starting to emerge; You’ll see you’ve collected a whole list of images containing a marble benchtop or black cabinetry, or that super trendy timber feature door. You’ll notice that there is something similar about every image you’ve collected and BOOM – you have your kitchen design style!

Select an Accent

Your accent could be a colour or a pattern that you would like to be the continuous theme throughout your new kitchen design. For example, black tapware and handles, brass tapware and handles, all blue appliances or a funky chevron floor and splashback design.

Selecting an accent for your new kitchen will also help you to select your accessories around this style later on down the track when it comes time to decorate your newly built kitchen.

modern kitchen style
Pattern has been used in this design to tie the kitchen, dining and bar area together creating a harmonious look. Image source

Create a Mood Board

Collect all your favourite bits and pieces together to create a mood board of awesome ideas for your new kitchen! All the magazine cutouts, the best ideas you’ve sourced from Pinterest and your selected accent colour or pattern, any samples you may have picked up along the way – all of it!

Seeing everything together will help you to visualise the space and better judge if this is the right design style for you. You’ll easily be able to see which piece isn’t quite fitting into your scheme and swap it out, making the decision-making process much less overwhelming.

Set a Budget

Setting a budget is perhaps one of the most important factors when embarking on any home project. This is where you set your boundaries!

Consider just how much money you are willing to spend on your new kitchen – for a bit of guidance in this area checkout our quick guide on putting together a budget for your new kitchen.

Finalise Your Design

Once you’re happy with your colour scheme and kitchen design style, present your ideas to your Kitchen Designer who will help you source the materials and products to complete your design as well as guide you in terms of sticking to your budget. If that glorious marble benchtop will blow out your budget, no need to fret – working with your Designer, you’ll be able to find cost effective alternatives.

all black kitchen style
This stunning all black kitchen creates quite the statement! Semi or high gloss black cabinetry and appliances will create depth in an all black scheme and reflect light around the space. Image source


how to find your kitchen style
Save to Pinterest for later!