Top Floral Accessories for the Home

Floral patterns have long been a part of the design world. Whether florals are used in fashion design or home decorating, they’ve certainly always been a feature, adding a soft, colourful touch to any design.

Today we look at our some of our favourite floral themed accessories for the home:

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Black Tapware: Just a fad or here to stay?

Black tapware has been around for some years now: what started as yet another colour trend we thought we’d forget all about, has proceeded to make a huge impact on kitchen and bathroom design.

But, will it last?

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5 Ways to Get your home Spring Ready!

We recently compiled a list of our Top 13 Picks in Spring Home Decor for under $50 and have decided to carry on the Springtime theme today! Spring is a great time to clear away the dreariness of Winter and create a bright, clean and well organised home. Read on for our best tips in getting your home Spring ready:


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13 Picks in Spring Decor for under $50!

The start of spring is always exciting: the end of cold rainy days and the promise of a beautiful Summer to look forward to! Get your Spring cleaning clothes on and ready that house for Spring with our top picks in Spring themed decor, all for under $50!!


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Why we HATE Interior Decorating Infographs!

We’ve all seen Interior Design & Styling info-graphs floating around online, i.e. on Pinterest, however is their advice always accurate?

We believe interior design and styling should not be something that is defined by strange and arbitrary rules. Your interior scheme should reflect YOU; your personality, your tastes, your family, your values, etc. and not the tastes of a Pinterest junkie who loves making pretty graphics.

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What is the Difference Between an Interior Designer & an Interior Decorator?

The titles Interior Designer and Interior Decorator are often used interchangeably, causing confusion as to which profession is qualified to do what exactly.

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