Feature Wall Ideas

7 Swoon-Worthy Feature Wall Ideas

The right feature wall will certainly add dramatic flair to any room, be it your bedroom, home office or living area. We’ve rounded up the top feature wall options to help you get those creative juices flowing! Advertisements

Kitchen Ceiling Fan

Kitchen Ceiling Fans: Everything you need to know!

Incorporating a ceiling fan in the kitchen can sometimes be a challenge! There are often height restrictions involved or spacial limitations with cabinetry and other lighting fixtures already taking up a fair chunk of space. Today’s post runs through our best tips to help you not only choose the right fan for your needs and […]

Backyard Ideas: How to Create a Beautiful Small Garden

Small homes and apartments often make excellent use of their living and storage solutions however, having your own garden is not always as simple with greenery and available planting space being rather limited. Thankfully, there are many ways to introduce some lush plant life in your home to help liven things up!

How to organise tupperware

How to Organise your Tupperware

Just about every kitchen has than one cupboard; the one that everyone refuses to open in fear of being caught up in an avalanche of tumbling Tupperware… I love a good de-clutter so let’s get cracking on making our kitchen storage a little bit safer!

Indoor & Outdoor Concrete Flooring Solutions

There are many concrete solutions available to help you achieve the unique style, colour and even texture you are wanting in your project. Our guide to concrete flooring will help make the decision much easier!