5 Super Simple Steps to a Zero Waste Kitchen

Converting to a completely zero waste kitchen sounds like it would be ridiculously overwhelming and we’re here to tell you that no…It’s really not that big a deal! Yes, you may have a small initial investment, yes there may be a few unhealthy habits we’ll need to break but at the end of the day, […]


Benchtop Cheat-Sheet: Caesarstone’s Pricing Explained

Caesarstone’s pricing is a topic that is brought up all too often and the answer isn’t quite as straight forward as “It costs $x per slab of stone”. There are many variables involved that mean the final price will vary immensely depending on several factors, from the exact colour or style of stone you select, […]

Kitchen Ceiling Fans: Everything you need to know!

Kitchen Ceiling Fan

Incorporating a ceiling fan in the kitchen can sometimes be a challenge! There are often height restrictions involved or spacial limitations with cabinetry and other lighting fixtures already taking up a fair chunk of space. Today’s post runs through our best tips to help you not only choose the right fan for your needs and […]

Backyard Ideas: How to Create a Beautiful Small Garden

Small homes and apartments often make excellent use of their living and storage solutions however, having your own garden is not always as simple with greenery and available planting space being rather limited. Thankfully, there are many ways to introduce some lush plant life in your home to help liven things up!