Top Floral Accessories for the Home

Floral patterns have long been a part of the design world. Whether florals are used in fashion design or home decorating, they’ve certainly always been a feature, adding a soft, colourful touch to any design.

Today we look at our some of our favourite floral themed accessories for the home:

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The Rebirth of Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been used to introduce both colour and texture in interior spaces since the early 1800s, peaking in popularity in the Victorian era. Since then, we have seen great developments in the world of wallpaper, from various materials and textures now available, and new ways of both gluing and removing wallpaper in a way that will be simple and cost effective.


These surprising new ways of using wallpaper have reintroduced the material into the world of interior design as it provides a simple and effective way of inserting instant personality and colour into a space.

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Interior Design How To: Make Your Space Lighter & Brighter

Your home may not receive enough natural light or you may just want to make a space a bit brighter – whatever the case, there is a solution to create the look you are after without the need for new windows or skylights.


Read on to find out how you can easily brighten up your home!

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10 Fabulous & Practical Accessories You Need in Your Bathroom!

Practicality and Beauty were the two key elements we were looking for in selecting our Top 10 Bathroom Accessories – the following items not only provide a practical solution to styling your bathroom, but are also classic and timeless pieces, meaning they will always be on trend and fit into any bathroom decorating scheme you choose later on down the track!10-fabulous-practical-accessories-you-need-in-your-bathroom-by-diamond-interiors

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10 Coastal Themed Accessories for your Living Room from PillowTalk!

In preparation for the warmer months ahead, what better way to ready your home than with an exciting new Coastal look!

A Coastal themed interior need not include a huge amount of sea shells and fish themed decor to drill in the Beachy theme – instead opt for light, textured and neutral toned accessories that focus on enhancing comfort in the home. Read on for more tips to achieving a Coastel themed Living area along with our Top 10 Picks in Coastal Themed Accessories available now from PillowTalk!


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10 More Interior Decorating Mistakes & Solutions

We recently discussed The Top 6 Decorating Mistakes and the best solutions to overcoming them – after the interest we received, we thought it only fitting to prepare a follow up article with 10 MORE decorating and design blunders to avoid!


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10 Stylish Shabby Chic Accessories from Marks & Spencer

The Shabby Chic style originated in Britain and is a casual fusion of traditional English, Vintage, French Provincial and Country Style decor. The use of pastel hues, textured surfaces and distressed finishes is prominent in this home decorating style with all elements working together to create a highly tactile living environment with a romantic and soothing vibe.

Learn more about the Shabby Chic style movement in our Shabby Chic Home Style Guide!


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Featured Showroom: Perini Tiles

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Showroom Interview with Kate Fuller (Marketing Manager)

Diamond Interiors recently visited the stunning showroom of Perini Tiles located on one of Melbourne’s most famous renovator’s destination, Bridge Road. Perini Tiles sources an astonishing collection of tiles from all over the world, adding sophistication and style to any project. Read on to find out more:

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Glass accessories for your home

Glass has always been a fascinating material to incorporate into the home. Staples like glass and cups are so ingrained in our culture you would likely only register in your consciousness if they weren’t there! But there is more to this material than just allowing us to see out into the world.

Though it can be a little brittle, few man made things can measure up to it when it comes to beauty. And with more complex glass sculpting techniques becoming available, we are no longer restricted to glass in a square, flat shape. So if you want to utilise the material more in your home, how best to go about it?

Fortunately, there are lots of options available. Here are just a few you might want to think about the next time you want to redecorate, on a small or big scale.

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Decorate your home with photographs

You are never short of options when it comes to decorating. Furniture, wallpaper, and even plants can be used to help spruce a room up. But one of the most versatile sectors of home decoration is sadly losing its way in the 21st Century – photographs.

Formerly the undisputed champion of wall decoration, traditional photographs are becoming less common as the big switch to digital cameras continues to spread. People simply don’t have photographs developed anymore. But just because they are becoming less frequent, photographs aren’t becoming less viable as a decorating option. Continue reading “Decorate your home with photographs”

Step by step guide to choosing mirrors for your home

In the grand scheme of things, choosing a mirror when redesigning a room may be somewhere at the back of your mind. We don’t live in a world where they are as necessary anymore, thanks to the rise of smart phones, that not only have cameras built in, but can also come with mirrored cases. They just aren’t an essential like sofas and tables.

But wouldn’t you be freaked out if someone said they didn’t have a mirror in their house? While not at the forefront, mirrors still play a vital role in daily household life. They are their for the quick check before you go out of the door, the bathroom rituals, and the mini bedroom fashion show before a big night out. So lets be honest, we still need mirrors. Buying the right mirror (or mirrors) requires more thought than you may currently be giving it. Luckily, there are only a few questions you have to ask yourself.

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How To Decorate A Fake Fireplace

In ancient times, fires were a faithful and necessary part of the home. They essentially provided warmth, the setting for cooking and acted as the main social and focal point of the house. Nowadays, with the development of modern technology, there is a dramatic decrease in the need for real fires in the home. Instead, central heating and gas or electric fires have taken precedence in the majority of our homes, leaving many of us in older houses, with non-functional, empty fireplaces.

benidormImage credit

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