The Rebirth of Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been used to introduce both colour and texture in interior spaces since the early 1800s, peaking in popularity in the Victorian era. Since then, we have seen great developments in the world of wallpaper, from various materials and textures now available, and new ways of both gluing and removing wallpaper in a way that will be simple and cost effective.


These surprising new ways of using wallpaper have reintroduced the material into the world of interior design as it provides a simple and effective way of inserting instant personality and colour into a space.

Other than traditional flocked wallpapers, we now have a huge range of materials available to us in the form of wallpaper; something to suit each specific application.

From Flocked, Vinyl, Grasscloth, Glassbeads, Foils and even Paintable or Printed wallpapers, you will find a wallpaper to suit your needs, colour scheme & style!

Traditional Flocked wallpapers are created using polyester or nylon fibres applied to an adhesive surface. These fibres are then tightly compacted in order to achieve a velvet texture in the paper.

Flocked Wallpaper – Eijffinger Chic. Image Source

Vinyl wallpapers are easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth and as such, are the most suitable for wet rooms such as bathrooms or laundries. Although it is not recommended to use vinyl wallpaper directly in the shower, they can be used on other bathroom walls.

Vinyl Wallpaper – Arkona Florian. Image Source

Woven from the ramie plant’s bark fibres, Grasscloths provide a highly tactile wallpaper that introduces instant charm and character to your space. A highly textured type of wallpaper that is best for low traffic areas.

Grasscloth Wallpaper – Chevron. Image Source

Inject glamour, luxury and sophistication in your space with Glassbead wallpaper that will shimmer and shine, effectively working to move light about the space. Stylish and elegant patterns make this options suitable for achieving the luxe look in your home.

Glassbead Wallpaper – Eijffinger Gracia. Image Source

Super thin special foils can be applied to backing material to create Foil wallpaper. Foil wallpapers introduce a metallic element in the space while also effectively bouncing light around the room, almost creating the effect of an optical illusion.

Foil Wallpaper – Eden Empress. Image Source

Paintable wallpapers are another unique way to introduce colour and texture in your home; the paper features intricate patterns that are created with grooves. Lay your wallpaper on the wall and simply paint over it – simple! Another advantage of paintable wallpaper is that it can be easily removed, making it simple to change up the paint colour scheme of any given space.

Paintable Wallpaper. Image Source

Printed wallpapers refer to custom made wall coverings or murals. High quality digital images are printed onto self adhesive backing materials which can be easily installed and removed when need be, without damaging your walls.

New York City 3
Wall Mural of New York City. Image Source