Limited Edition Caesarstone Wall Clocks

Can’t get enough of Caesarstone’s stunning range of marble and concrete inspired stones? With a newly released collection of limited edition wall clocks in all your favourite colours, its now even harder to choose!

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10 More Interior Decorating Mistakes & Solutions

We recently discussed The Top 6 Decorating Mistakes and the best solutions to overcoming them – after the interest we received, we thought it only fitting to prepare a follow up article with 10 MORE decorating and design blunders to avoid!


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13 Steps to Decluttering Your Bathroom

Clutter: although we all try to avoid it, it’s one of those things that tends to sneak up on us around the house! We recently discussed the best ways to keep your Kitchen clutter-free (click here to have a read!) and we’re now taking on the other Clutter Magnet of the home: The Bathroom! Read on to find out how you can declutter your Bathroom and keep it that way!

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A Sneak Peak at Essastone’s New Collection!

Essastone has released an entirely new collection of colours and we were lucky enough to get a sneak peak! Checkout the new collection which now includes sensational marble and concrete inspired surfaces for your home in varying textures to suit every taste and style!

Essastone has been used in this stunning all white kitchen. Click to view more images from Essastone’s Inspirations Gallery.

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6 Steps to Selecting the Right Handles for Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Selecting handles for your new kitchen or bathroom may seem like a trivial task however, it is an all important element of the design and one that should not be overlooked. The type of handle you select plays a part in the overall style of the design as well as your comfort so do take the time to weigh up your options and select the handle that will best suit you.


The best place to start is to speak with your Designer to arrange samples or visit your local hardware store to both view and test the ranges available.

Our handy guide will make sure you’ve covered all the bases when selecting the handles that are right for you!

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9 Bathroom Design Trends to Inspire you!

Current trends in the world of bathroom design and decoration reflect our having embraced of the notion of the bathroom being a room of luxury, health and well-being. The bathroom is no longer a purely functional space in the home, to be tucked away and kept hidden but rather, a space worthy of being celebrated and even flaunted!

Our bathroom is the perfect place to wind down, to enjoy the beauty of water, the experience of bathing and of self healing. How will you create your own dreamy oasis?!

9 Bathroom Design Trends to Inspire You! by Diamond Interiors

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Shop The Look: Shades of Grey Bathroom Decor

Who could resist the tempting, soothing and tranquil tactile surfaces in this decor scheme? The colour palette layers shades of grey with exhilarating textures such as plush wool, concrete and timber, creating a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. Accent the look with a potted succulent; the plant featured in this look is actually made of rubber, making it suitable for a maintenance free bathroom!

Shopping links have been included below for each piece in this selection!Adairs Bathroom Mood Board by Diamond Interiors.jpg

  1. Mercer + Reid Plush Pile Bath Mat in Coal
  2. Mercer + Reid Maddison Bathrobe in Grey Marle
  3. Home Republic Nordic Scented Candle: Lemongrass & Ginger
  4. Home Republic Silver Aloe
  5. Home Republic Darcy Velour Contrast Coal Bath Towel
  6. Home Republic Urban Bathroom Accessories Set

9 Home Staging Tips – How to Decorate your home to sell!

9 Home Staging Tips_Decorate your home to sell by Diamond Interiors

One of the biggest investments you will ever make is your home, so when it comes time to sell, of course you would want the very best price for it. Home staging (i.e.: decorating your home in a way as to appeal to buyers and ultimately, sell at a higher price) is key to getting the best value – Remember, you are likely to get a return of double or even triple the amount of dollars you put into your home! Read on to find out what our 9 best tips are in staging your home to sell:

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Top 6 Interior Decorating Mistakes & What to do Instead!

Decorating your home should be a fun task. There is nothing more exciting than putting together a decor scheme and seeing it all come to life! Make sure to showcase your style and personality while also making sure to avoid these decorating blunders:

6 Decorating Mistakes_Blog by

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Caesarstone New Colours for 2016

Caesarstone Australia is launching 8 new colours this year, adding to their already diverse collection of quartz based composite stones.

Caesarstone is a type of man-made or composite stone. Its main ingredient is quartz, meaning it is a very hard surface that is highly durable for use in your home. Click here to read more the pros & cons of composite stones. Several of Caesarstone’s products incorporate a marble-look, meaning you can have the look and feel of a marble without the drawbacks of natural stone.

In terms of pricing, Caesarstone colours included in their Supernatural and Supernatural Ultra Collections are quite pricey however, they will be less expensive than most natural marbles and do not require regular maintenance and sealing.

Let’s have a look at the 8 new colours:

8 New Caesarstone Colours_by

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Materials & Finishes: Caesarstone Concrete Range – Fresh Concrete, Raw Concrete & Sleek Concrete

What is Caesarstone?

Caesarstone is a ‘man-made’ quartz based stone that allows us a low maintenance and cost effective option in place of natural stone.

More information: Click here to read more about Caesarstone and other composite or man made stones and click here to read about Caesarstone’s Calacatta Nuvo.

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Design Don’ts: What Not To Do in Your Home!

I recently visited a popular homewares store for some new placemats. While on a leisurely stroll around the store, I noticed myself thinking “Now, why would they do that?!” much too often and spent the remainder of my visit snapping pictures of “What not to do!” Needless to say, I never did get those placemats. I hope you enjoy our gallery of design tips. Click on any image below to open the gallery:

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How to Decorate Your Home in the Shabby Chic style by: Izzy Evans

Using a shabby chic style to decorate your home will give it a unique and stunning look. This style is much more adaptable than say, a minimalist home, as shabby chic allows you to personalise your home, provides plenty of opportunity for storage and best of all, is very easy to achieve!


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