Caesarstone New Colours for 2016

Caesarstone Australia is launching 8 new colours this year, adding to their already diverse collection of quartz based composite stones.

Caesarstone is a type of man-made or composite stone. Its main ingredient is quartz, meaning it is a very hard surface that is highly durable for use in your home. Click here to read more the pros & cons of composite stones. Several of Caesarstone’s products incorporate a marble-look, meaning you can have the look and feel of a marble without the drawbacks of natural stone.

In terms of pricing, Caesarstone colours included in their Supernatural and Supernatural Ultra Collections are quite pricey however, they will be less expensive than most natural marbles and do not require regular maintenance and sealing.

Let’s have a look at the 8 new colours:

8 New Caesarstone Colours_by

Nordic Loft – Standard Range: Inspired by the minimal Scandinavian style of design, Nordic Loft features a soft speckle over a neutral light beige background. Its simplicity lends itself well to a multitude of colour schemes, also working well with timber. Click here to read more about Scandinavian Interior Design.

Caesarstone_Nordic Loft
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Cosmopolitan White – Supernatural Range: Featuring diagonal streaked veins in a speckled white, the Cosmopolitan White also suits a huge range of decor schemes and would work well with off white and charcoal cabinetry. We love the depth and simplicity featured in this stone, making it a great choice for those who are after a stone that will make a feature in the kitchen but also have the added advantage of being a little more discreet than other options.

Caesarstone_Cosmopolitan White
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Symphony Grey – Supernatural Range: A dark grey stone, also featuring diagonal veins, we imagine the Symphony Grey to lend itself well to lighter timbers, soft whites, deep greys and soft blacks. Its textural depth creates a soothing, natural effect in any space.

Caesarstone_Symphony Grey
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Georgian Bluffs – Supernatural Range: Georgina Bluffs is a marble inspired stone surface that features a soft white/grey vein through it atop a light grey background. This stone would work well in an industrial themed space due to its colour composition; its grey colouring would compliment almost any style or colour of cabinetry and we see this one being quite popular!

Caesarstone_Georgian Bluffs
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Noble Grey – Supernatural Ultra Range: This stone promises to be extremely popular and we have already received excellent feedback from our clients with this one! The Noble Grey features strong grey veins atop a soft, smoky backdrop. It looks stunning paired with soft grey, charcoal or white cabinetry! As with most marble inspired composite stones, it is important to visit a Caesarstone Showroom to view the full slab prior to making a final selection as images and samples are not always the most accurate indicators of veins, etc.

Caesarstone_Noble Grey
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Tuscan Dawn – Supernatural Range: Featuring a solid, taupe background and creamy vanilla veins, Tuscan Dawn will suit a neutral, classic styled home best. Although the colouring may not be quite to everyone’s taste, it is an accurate depiction of a natural stone and would look spectacular in the right home.

Caesarstone_Tuscan Dawn
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Statuario Maximus – Supernatural Ultra Range: Given the strong veins featured in this stone, it is highly recommended that you visit your local Caesarstone Showroom to view the full slab as the Statuario Maximus is rather striking in the flesh! A gorgeous stone that provides a perfect substitute to natural Statuario Marble. We find that the Statuario Maximus is not very photogenic, unfortunately! It really does look amazing in real life and is worth a look!

Caesarstone Statuario Maximus
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White Attica – Supernatural Range: The White Attica promises to be a bold option for adventurous kitchen enthusiasts! With a soft white backdrop and heavy grey veins, this stone will work well with a more elegant and simplified colour scheme.

Caesarstone White Attica
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