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Kitchen Renovation Printable: Storage Checklist

Make sure you've allowed for enough storage with our Kitchen Storage Checklist.

When planning your new kitchen, you can never have too much storage! To make sure you have absolutely everything covered, we’ve put together a checklist of all the bits and pieces you’ll want to plan storage for.

When we designed our new kitchen, we found that the easiest way to go about planning storage was to consider what we were storing and where. We labelled our drawings with items such as: fancy cutlery, everyday cutlery, fancy glasses, everyday glasses, etc. and found this to be the most effective way of ensuring that all of our fanciness was able to fit into the new kitchen!

The best way to use your checklist is to print out a set of your drawings: plan and elevations. Label each cupboard, drawer, etc. with the items included in the list.

Diamond Interiors_Kitchen Storage Checklist Printable

Click to download: Diamond Interiors Kitchen Storage Checklist Printable

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