Top 6 Interior Decorating Mistakes & What to do Instead!

Decorating your home should be a fun task. There is nothing more exciting than putting together a decor scheme and seeing it all come to life! Make sure to showcase your style and personality while also making sure to avoid these decorating blunders:

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1. Wrong curtain length: Having your curtains custom measured and made is the easiest way to avoid this however, this can be quite costly! Thankfully, there is an enormous amount of ready-made curtains out there that are usually the right fit or can be easily customised to suit.

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2. Not testing paint colours prior to painting: This is probably the most common decorating blunder we’ve seen! Colour cannot be scaled nor can it be accurately depicted in print. Paint and Hardware stores offer sample pots for purchase; simply order your colours and paint sections of wall in your home. Make sure to paint and label samples on a few different walls in the room or around the home, as colour can change dramatically in different lighting.

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3. Too many accessories: Although we do love our accessories, too many of them make for a cluttered space! Keep your decor scheme clutter free by ensuring you invest in clever concealed storage options (such as basketware with a lid or furniture with built in storage). Accessorise your home with carefully selected items and avoid the added cleaning chores that come with over accessorising!

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4. Hanging artwork too high: Artwork should be hung at eye level and in proportion with the space and surrounding furniture. I.e.: A wide painting to suit the width of a couch when hung over it looks perfect! A single small frame over a large couch would be out of proportion.

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5. Always test out furniture prior to purchase: Shopping online is brilliant! However, when it comes to furniture, we find that online shopping is only good for research. Hunt around online to find stores with pieces you love and then visit the store or arrange an appointment to actually view the furniture. Make sure to sit on chairs/couches you like prior to purchasing (you’d be surprised how many people don’t do this!) to make sure it is what you expect it to be.

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6. Forgetting to measure: Make sure you have carefully and thoroughly measured the space you’ve allowed for new furniture items. Ensure you’ve allowed adequate room around the item for it to function as it is intended to; for example: allow adequate room around cupboards for them to open, allow adequate space around a dining table for chairs to be pushed out, etc.

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Can you think of any more decorating mistakes? Share yours in the comments below!