Top 7 Walk In Wardrobe Must Haves

When designing a Walk In Wardrobe, space can often be a concern. When this happens, we must make sure to allow for all the essentials before including any extra items such as make up vanities, etc. We’ve created a list of MUST HAVE Wardrobe features that will ensure your robe comfortably caters to your needs!

Top 7 Walk in Wardrobe Must Haves by

  • Full length mirror: A MUST for any fashionista, a full length mirror is crucial for obvious reasons. Fit a mirror onto a blank wall, behind a door, or install onto a pull out panel if space is of a concern.
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  • Combination of drawers and open shelving: Don’t underestimate just how much space you need! The best way to plan for shelving and drawers in your new wardrobe is to consider the type of clothing you own: T-Shirts, tracksuits and jumpers are usually appropriate to fold and tuck away into a drawer, along with underwear, socks, pajamas, etc. Other items of clothing would require hanging space. Use open shelves for jewellery, ties, hats, shoes, handbags, cosmetics, etc.
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  • Combination of half and full height hanging space: For most people, half height hanging is ideal as it maximises your hanging space. Keep in mind that half height hanging is perfect for your tops and most bottoms however, coats, dresses, longer skirts, etc. will need full height hanging space. Ensure you allow enough half and full height hanging space to suit your needs. Also Double check your measurements to make sure your clothes will fit in your wardrobe without skimming the ground!
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  • Shoe storage: Either install custom designed shoe shelves or purchase a shoe rack that either sits on the ground as shelf storage or hangs over the back of your door to maximise your space.
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  • Space for Laundry hamper: If you have the space for it, definitely include an area for your laundry hamper, making it quicker to get dressed in the morning while also avoiding the “floor wardrobe” issue!
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  • Ensure appropriate heights: As mentioned earlier, ensure your new wardrobe rails and shelves are of an adequate height to store your clothes. Also ensure your hanging rails, etc. are not installed too high – Although there are pull down mechanisms that allow you to bring the rail lower, these often chew up a lot of valuable space in your wardrobe, almost defeating the purpose of having them at all unless absolutely necessary!
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  • Great lighting: If you plan on using this space to do your make up in, of course great lighting is a must. You should also consider investing in decent lighting even if you will not be using the space for make up, as it is often all too easy to see your clothes differently in poor lighting. (Little anecdote: Getting dressed in a hurry one day, I slipped on a pair of striped leggings and a t-shirt. I looked great in the mirror but when I was walking down the street, my husband noticed that the leggings were actually see-through in the sunlight! I’ve since learnt my lesson and make sure to check my more adventurous outfits in all types of lighting!)
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Can you think of any items you simply could not live without in your walk in wardrobe? Tell us in the comments below!