Materials & Finishes: Caesarstone Concrete Range

What is Caesarstone?

Caesarstone is a ‘man-made’ quartz based stone that allows us a low maintenance and cost effective option in place of natural stone.

More information: Click here to read more about Caesarstone and other composite or man made stones and click here to read about Caesarstone’s Calacatta Nuvo.

Why are the Concrete colours unique?

Caesarstone’s inclusion of concrete inspired colours allow customers the option of achieving a concrete benchtop in their home at a fraction of the cost of traditional cast concrete. Although nothing beats the real deal, using concrete in the home is considered a luxury item due to the time, effort and energy required to create that unique piece. Read our posts on Melbourne’s Concrete Blonde to learn more on the design and manufacture of concrete products for the home.

Available Concrete colours and finishes:

At present, Caesarstone offers 3 Concrete inspired designs: Fresh Concrete, Raw Concrete and Sleek Concrete. Each colour is available only in Caesarstone’s new matt textured finish, furthering the industrial feel of the product. It is important to note that although your Caesarstone concrete benchtop will never require sealing, it will be more susceptible to fingerprints and marks than Caesarstone’s usual polished surface. Use Caesarstone’s own cleansers to maintain the surface’s finish.

Caesarstone Concrete Collection
Image source: Caesarstone Australia

How does Caesarstone’s Concrete Range compare in terms of pricing?

Each of these colours is included in Caesarstone’s Deluxe range which is only one step up from their Standard colour collection. As mentioned, Caesarstone’s Concrete inspired surfaces will of course, be much cheaper than authentic concrete and do not require sealing – saving you a bundle in long term maintenance costs!