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Art Deco Style Guide

Art Deco was the most popular modern international design movement from 1925 until the 1940s. Defined by geometric designs, smooth lines and streamlined forms, Art Deco embraces all types of art including crafts and fine arts.

The term Art Deco derives from the Exposition International des Arts Decoratifs Industriels et Modernes, held in Paris in 1925. The phrase was not widely used until popularised by the art historian and critic Bevis Hillier in her book ‘Art Deco of the 20s and 30s’ (1968).


  1. In creating an Art Deco inspired theme in your home, the key is in the finishes: think luxe, glossy surfaces: mirrors, marble, glass, gold, black, white and chrome are all perfect for this theme.
  2. Incorporate bold geometric patterns in your space. For example, you could use a bright chrome frame around your shower screen (as seen in the examples below) or a solid black paint finish on your archtiraves and skirting boards. Incorporate even more patterns in your wet areas using geometric patterned tiles.
  3. Accessorise: This my be by way of patterned fabrics, mirror finish picture frames or trinket boxes, metallic finished vases, etc. Let your imagination run wild!
  4. Luxurious Lighting: Thing chandeliers with gold or chrome trimming.
  5. Incorporate a bit of nature in your home: Succulents and any combination of white flowers best suit an Art Deco inspired home. A touch of greenery is always welcome in any decor scheme!
A great example of an art deco inspired bathroom, this renovation was completed by Melbourne’s own Perini Kitchens & Bathrooms. Combining textures such as timber, concrete, marble and tiles, the end result is a luxuriously tactile space. The vanity unit featured in this project is part of Bisazza’s range of designer bathware (Bisazza Bagno – Hayon Collection) and is designed by Jaime Hayon.
This bathroom showcases the most luxurious aspects of an art deco inspired interior scheme, from the marble tiles used on the floor and walls to the geometric patterned chrome frames on the mirror and shower screen. Simple, elegant accessories such as the black lantern wall light and the clear glass accessories on the vanity complete the look. Image sourced from Pinterest.
This kitchen features several Art Deco influences, from the black and white colour scheme to the geometric patterns used on the splashback behind the cooker. A bold black border surrounds the cooker alcove, with soft curved corners: an iconic example of Art Deco styling. The black painted cornice and architraves serve to tie the whole scheme together. Image sourced from Pinterest. 
This Art Deco inspired interior scheme employs all the classic elements of this design era, form the gold metallic finishes to the luxurious black velvet sofa. A combination of opulent and sleek details create visual interest in the space while bold blacks create a contemporary vibe. Image Source: The Blissery

What’s your favourite home decor style? Share it with us in the comments below!


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